A Culinary Natural 20: Food Pawn – The Review

tabletop gaming Jul 26, 2019

Let’s talk sweet treats (candy for our American chums). You have tons of options out there from Mars Bars to Wine Gums, via a plethora of gummies. All good, if not entirely healthy stuff. How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace and appeal to the geek market? 


Enter Catherine Morgan of Honeybadger games with Food Pawn

Winner of Coaching for Geeks’ best unique gift of UKGE.

Food Pawn is currently a small collection of mixed fruit “Meeple” gummies and 2 sets of dice gummies (Prosecco and fiery ginger flavour). These little tubes of sweets really stand out for their cool design, and undoubtedly have a market in the geek world. After a few minutes of showing my partner she was pretty sure these would make for wonderful wedding favours… After gently steering the conversation away from weddings, we also thought you could see these as a great stocking filler for your geeky family at christmas, an epic little birthday gift, or something to say thank you to your DM for all their hard work. There are so many situations that these fit, but the best one is that they make you smile with their undeniable cuteness and win you over with a great taste. Don’t take my word on the flavour though, let’s ask some sweetie experts their thoughts on how they taste. I asked four leading experts in sweets, and 4 of the toughest critics around…. my kids.


I think most are amazing and have a lot of flavour but the watermelon is strange. 8/10

Elissa (10)

Loads of flavour and I love the bright colours. I like gummies a lot and they are really gummy. 9/10

Kallie (9)

It was a weird texture and if you chew the flavour really fills your mouth. 8/10

Logan (10)

I like them all and I love the flavour and I like the gummy. 10/10

Tyler (8)

The kids ranked the 6 Meeple gummies flavours as follows:

  1. Blackcurrant
  2. Raspberry
  3. Lime
  4. Peach (My favourite)
  5. Custard
  6. Watermelon

So that’s what the experts had to say.


What about the creator? I was lucky enough to speak to Catherine Morgan, the confectioner behind Food Pawn:

R: Hi Catherine, can you tell us how you got started on your Honeybadger Games adventure?

C: Honeybadger Games started in 2017 with my first product and pet project: an edible game based on sharing a box of chocolates with friends. ‘The Poisoned Chocolate’ was very well received, however, it became clear that this was an ambitious product, and to produce it at scale I would need to manufacture the edible element myself. My background is in IT and very much not in cooking, so this was no small obstacle…

Fast forward to now, and I have set up a commercial kitchen in my home, learned to manufacture sweets and come up with more ideas than I can make!  All with the ‘help’ of my two small children…

R: I bet they are a great help in the kitchen, especially product testing. What about Food Pawn? What is your vision for that? 

C: Food Pawn is intended to make people smile. From the puns to the unusual flavours, I want to provide something that people won’t have seen before and that will make them smile, then maybe share those smiles with others as gifts. The best moment so far has been being asked to provide custom wedding favours (!)


R: I really think you have found a nice little niche for yourself. How about plans for the future? Can we have any cool news? 

C: The items currently on sale are very much intended as a novelty, however I’m planning to produce some more practical additions to the range next: Life point tokens, Money, and Health and Mana potions. All of these can be consumed as they are used in game play.

I also have three games planned; all will be strategically edible – so eating will form an integral part of game play, not just act as a reward. 

R: I very much look forward to what you have in store, and thank you for taking some time to chat with us!


Thank you to Honeybadger Games for the review sweets.


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