What Are 6 Simple Steps How To Get More Blog Traffic

Mar 29, 2024

There is no silver bullet in increasing blog traffic that can help you make money from a blog. However, you can do several things to give your blog the best chance of being seen by more people.

Here are some pointers for boosting blog traffic:

Locate Your Audience's Nest: Find Your Flock

When promoting your blog, you must be intentional about how you spend your time. While it's great to establish oneself on a range of social media sites, you'll quickly burn out if you try to succeed on every social network.

If you want to see seagulls, go to the beach. To get more blog traffic, you must go where your flock gathers. Be aware of where to look for your bird friend. To get high-quality backlinks from websites in your field, it is crucial to comprehend your audience.

Use Google Analytics to know which websites drive the most referral traffic. Take part in online forums and communities that your target audience frequents. When necessary, participate in discussions and contribute links or blog comments.

Avoid Avoiding Keywords

SEO and keywords must be included in your strategy to increase blog traffic significantly. 

When you offer something in the name of SEO these days, many people get very apprehensive but consider that SEO is fine when done appropriately. It's excellent, more than fine! 

Users use the Internet to find the information and solutions they need, and Google sends you focused traffic.

Produce Dazzling Headlines

As a blogger, you must always ensure that your headlines are wonderful. Your headline is what attracts visitors to your website and grabs their attention.

Don't be scared to experiment with different headlines. To find out which format works best, share your content frequently with other titles.

Select Your Content Carefully

Writing great content is the best thing you can do to increase blog visitors. You have undoubtedly heard the adage "content is king," which is used more frequently than a funnel at a frat party. 

Quality by itself may not equate to "better content." It also calls for more thoughtful use of content marketing.

The most useful knowledge is that which directly answers a need. Think about your target audience and their interests. 

These days, information almost exclusively falls into two categories: funny and cool or educational and beneficial. Choose one of the two, and you'll probably get off to a good start.

Visit Quora and have a peek at the questions people are asking about your industry to gain some inspiration. Try using Buzzsumo to read what others have written about your profession. Create something better after that. 

Select startling information in its figures, lovely in its presentation, and intriguing in its narrative. Produce content that readers will want to share and link to.

Create Evergreen Material On Your Blog

Try to make the vast majority of your knowledge timeless. On the Internet, evergreen material will stay current for a lengthy period. 

For instance, a report on this year's Oscar nominees will become outdated in a few months. An essay about the greatest films of all time will always be in demand because of their enduring relevance.

Ensure Quickness and Mobile-Friendly Design

Your blog's visitors won't wait while it loads. If your page doesn't load quickly enough, they'll hit the back button and go on to the next Google listing (i.e., your rival) before you can flip a flapjack.

Check your website's speed. You may find out how quickly your site loads and suggestions on improving it using Google's Page Speed Insights service.


There are numerous strategies for boosting blog traffic. You may increase the number of visitors to your website by producing interesting and shareable material, optimising your blog for search engines, and promoting it on social media. Your readers will get devoted to you if you continuously offer them valuable information, and they will frequent your website often. You may follow Coaching For Geeks for additional advice!

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