UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019

Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019

It’s that time of year again, we are almost as far away from the next UK Games Expo as possible in a calendar year and that’s sad. However, there is still some good news from the world of UKGE – one has just finished and what a fantastic show it was! Various members of the Coaching for Geeks team are going to write up their thoughts on the show, (FYI my review is basically that it was amazing and I can’t wait to go back) but I will be talking you through the best of the best that we saw in a variety of categories.

These are the games, shows and other things that the team found to be the best and in a semi award/highlight reel, I will tell you a little about them and how to find out more.

Please note – it is not possible to play every game at the show, we missed an awful lot out so do tell us how wrong we are and what your games of the show are in the comments below. And please also note we have included a few affiliate links where we have them if you buy a game that helps fund our own gaming habits. So buy loads of games.

Let’s start with the little ones.



By Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf

Published by HABA

This fun game pits you against each other and those pesky little spider monkeys, in this bigger version of the previous game Rhino Hero (for slightly younger kids). Build your skyscraper and defend it from up high, but be careful, the higher you go, the wobblier it gets!

HABA has a giant version of Rhino Hero Super Battle on their stand which every pub should now get.

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Beware the dreaded spider monkeys in Rhino Hero Super Battle

Check out Rhino Hero Super Battle on HABA’s site.

From the kids to the whole family.



Published by Gutter Games

Egolympics is a perfect family game, it’s hands on and just a little bit crazy. It will test skill, dexterity, nerve, and will see just how lucky you are. Pick a card and perform one of Egolympics many crazy tasks. From bouncing ping pong balls, to balancing dice between cuphands. This is a game that’s coming soon and we think it can’t come soon enough.

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Helen tackles cuphand dice stacking at the Egolympics

Check out Egolympics at Gutter Games

Now we move on to expand our minds.



Published by History Heroes

Ok so any one of History Heroes games could have taken the crown really, but I do love Space. The history heroes lines are a fun, educational and easy to play series that caters to all ages, tests your knowledge on the subject by having you win cards for correctly working out who is the hero being described. This one balances to any age, with a series of clues, from hard to easy on each card.

There are loads of categories available in the series.

Check out History Heroes here:

Education time over, let’s party!



By Jonathan Franklin & Phillip Melchers 


UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019

We love Barpig at CfG! It’s a merciless climb to level 5 and victory! Everyone grab a level card, a bar tab and character card and get challenging. Barpig demands you leave your comfort zone at home as you slap, seduce, and dance to not lose sober points. If your anthropomorphic pig character gets too drunk they’ll blackout and go back to level one, so a hand of ‘take that’ items are on hand to help you mess with the other swines around the table. Ridiculous, fast-paced, fun. Goes well with actual drinking

Barpig After Hours, the standalone expansion, is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and hit its target in just 36 hours.

Check out Barpig.

Now we have finished in the tavern and tempers are up it’s time for war!



By Eric M. Lang, Michael Shinall

Published by CMON Limited

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
A Song of Azzy and Fire

Not happy with how Game of Thrones ended? Take this chance to do it your way with A Song of Ice and Fire The Tabletop Miniatures Game. This expansive (and expensive), beautiful, game has tons of different sets, amazing sculpts for you to build, and one hell of an impressive lore for you to take inspiration from. Join a friend and go take your frustrations out! The Hound for the throne? No?

Check out A Song of Ice and Fire at CMON

War is a horrible thing, let’s make friends and work together



By Alex Crispin, Thomas Pike, James Shelton

Published by Themeborn

You are imprisoned. Probably innocent (at least for what you are in for), and with no court willing to hear your plea you and your fellow “probably innocent” inmates need to escape. The trouble is this castle is full of horrors and challenges, so you and your party need to use your unique skills to escape. It will take might, cunning and wisdom. This great introduction to atmospheric RPG style games will always make you want to come back for more.

Check out Escape the Dark Castle at Themeborn

Friendship is always a good strategy surely?



By Dan Alexander

Published by Intrepid Games

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Lander hits Kickstarter in Autumn 2019

Time to start up your own space company. You have 2 crew members, some kit and some sectors to call your own. Trouble is, so does everyone else. Take your time, train up your crew and claim more sectors for yourself. Lander is a strategic gold mine, with varying gameplay styles, lots of missions and crew to help you accumulate mission stars and take the win. Think carefully about each move and enjoy this 5 round space adventure, coming soon to Kickstarter.

Check out Lander here:

After being a pig, a corporation and Stark, we are all roleplay masters!



By Peter Regan

Published by Gold Piece Publications

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
D&D Simplified – The Black Hack

This is the long awaited follow up to the brilliant Black Hack, which was a streamlined, fast passed yet simple RPG that anyone could pick up and play. This time they have added a ton of additional content. Great user guides for budding GM, battle maps with gorgeous art, character creation ideas and what’s even better is that the rules are easy and can be picked up in only a few minutes. If you have wanted to play D&D, Pathfinder, etc but are scared of the sheer volume of rules etc, then this is the ideal launch pad.

Check out The Black Hack: Second Edition here:

One thing I love about RPGs (and spend too much money on) is dice, so let’s look at them



By Mark Littlewood and James Gillham

Published by Peruke Games

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
A ‘peruke’ was a type of wig popular in the 17th-19th centuries

This is a clever yet simple little dice game where you will defend your numbered tokens and attack your opponents. Team up or go alone to build the most points, Peruke will have you strategising. It’s very easy to play, after just one round you will feel confident. Will take a lot more than that (plus some chucked in luck) to master it.

Check out more about Peruke here:

No attempt at a fun segue. Cards.



By Haakon Gaarder

Published by Sinister Fish Games

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Villagers is about growing a village

There’s always one game at UK Games Expo that has a massive buzz about it and everyone seems to have a copy. This year that game was Villagers.

Villagers is a card game about building up the most prosperous village you can. To do this you need to invite people into your village, by drafting from the road. You’re going to need to collect a lot of stuff too, those craftsmen will need raw materials, villagers need food, and if you don’t have the right craftsman in your village, you’ll be paying others for the privilege..Feeling up to the task? Go solo or with up to 5 people in this charming and beautiful game.

Check out Villagers at Sinister Fish Games



By Peter Scholtz

Published by White Wizard Games

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
We didn’t take any photos of Sorcerer so heres a render from the Kickstarter page

Based in a gaslit style fantasy world, Sorcerer has you pitted against another powerful ancient being to rival your own. Gain energy, get minions and take to the battlefield. The deck building element mixed with strategy and tactics keeps the luck of the dice feeling slightly less brutal at times but can still take its toll giving us a really fun experience.

Check out more about Sorcerer from White Wizard Games.



By Alan R. Moon

Published by Days of Wonder

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Trains, buses, boats, and cabs.

We all know and love Ticket to Ride, but what do we love about Ticket to Ride London? It is a scaled-back version of the game with fewer stops, meaning it’s perfect for a quick game or for multiple rounds. The game is very 1970’s London, which was easily one of the coolest places to be at that time, so the game oozes style. A good one for all the family.

Check out Ticket to Ride London at Days of Wonder.



By Nigel Roper

Published by Merlin Games

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Get in. Get the gold. Get out.

Thieves is simple with incredible strategic depth. You find the treasure, you get the treasure and you get out! Like most things though, it’s not actually that simple, plan your moves and hope the dice gods are on your side in this head to head game, Thieves is easy to learn and has lots of hidden depth for how you cope with fortune.

Check out Thieves here:



By Jakob Jaascov

Published by Hush Hush Project

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Love is foggy

This is definitely a unique game. Choose your character, fall in love and use the cards to create a love story for the ages, or maybe for the bin! The game is genuinely moving with lots of ups and downs and it’s easy to feel for your character, connected. If you have played it, you know it’s hard to want to break up with it and it will have you going back time and time again.

Designers Hush Hush has responded to demand in the market by releasing a female couple cover and a male couple cover, plus a series of expansions including Paranormal Romance, Trouble with the In-Laws, and It Will Never Last.

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Alternate covers – love is for everyone

Check out Fog of Love at Hush Hush Project.

Let’s mix it up a little and talk accessories




UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Loke’s range of Battle Mats at UK Games Expo

Loke’s battlemats are glorious. The quality and art is breathtaking and is a must for anyone who loves tabletop gaming and wants a handy set of maps to hand. In big and giant sizes, and smaller dungeon maps recently successfully kickstarted, Loke keep on knocking it out of the park (the dungeon?)

We reviewed the prototype versions last year, and they keep on adding to the range with Sci-Fi, dungeons, and more to come.

Find out more at

Maybe you want something completely different, but still keeps that tabletop flair?



Honeybadger Games

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
The Proseccohedrons

These are delicious gaming treats that will be loved by everyone. Currently, with a range featuring meeple sweets and prosecco dice, these tasty treats go down anywhere. Who wouldn’t want some sparkling prosecco dice wedding favours? Yummy!

Check out Food Pawn here:

Now for the big 2! Let’s start with



UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
Rob the nerd meets Tom The Performing Nerd

This was a tough one, so many great shows to see during the weekend, including Knightmare Live and Star Wars Vs Star Trek, but Tom takes the crown. A brilliant show that’s got lots of laughs and wow moments all delivered by an unassuming chap in a mustard yellow sleeveless cardigan. What’s not to love? Oh and Rubik’s cubes! Lots of Rubik’s cubes!

Check out Tom Crosbie here:

Now the big one, bigger than the Oscars, the Grammys and my swimming certificate all rolled into one.



UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019

No, it’s not deep, strategic, or requires too much thought. After a long weekend of heavy games, we can’t get enough Barpig! Everyone wants to play it and talk about it. We love it and can’t wait for the expansion! That’s why it is our UKGE game of the year for 2019.

Also, it made CfG founder Robin do a lapdance, so it has that going for it too.

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
The CfG Overlord lap dances for a point

Until next year fellow geeks, happy board gaming!

Coach Rob

First timer shares their experience at UK Games Expo

UK games expo, Our Games of UK Games Expo 2019
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