Personal Hygiene at Comic Con

comic con Nov 06, 2017


Let's get straight to the point. Some people at expos and conventions smell.

We're here to help you make sure that that is not you - you'll have a better time, the people around you will have a better time, you're more likely to meet new people, and have a better experience.


They Smell Like Sneakers

At the UK Games Expo last year there were some very fancy ladies at the Hilton for a different event. I overheard some say "they smell like trainers".

Not me right?

I'm sure we're all fresh as a freshly plucked fire flower, but just in case, let's do Personal Hygiene. Sure, there are different approaches - don't use shower gel if you're allergic for example, but here we go.


Deodorant is not a shower in a can. It's an addition to basic washing. Guys in particular need to shower or bathe daily and clean ALL over.

Wash your armpits and feet well.

Bits and Bobs

Guys, wash your dick. If you have a foreskin pull it back and wash behind it. If you can't pull it back see your doctor as you might have phimosis and they can do something about that. If you don't have one then your job is that bit easier.

Ladies, unsurprisingly I have no experience of cleaning female genitalia, but look after what you've got. Your vagina is an amazing place with lactobacilli keeping you clean. Get some unscented soap if your vulva needs a clean. When I started CfG I never expected to type that sentence.

Lady garden cleaning advice from the sexual health clinic- never use soap, always use clean warm water and your hands. Apparently Femfresh is a major cause of BV.

Bum holes. That's where poo comes from. If you got poo on your hand you'd wash it, not just wipe it with a bit of paper.

Wash your bum hole when you take a bath or shower. Invest in a gentle soap or an emollient to minimise irritation and also make it exclusively your butt soap just in case of contamination. If you're showering get the shower head and give your arse a blast.

If you don't clean your ass you probably smell of ass.


Other Things That Can Smell

Wear a deodorant. Try a few out. Find one that works for you. Dousing yourself head to toe in Lynx/Axe is not a shower substitute, stank plus deodorant does not mask the stank.

Fungal toenail infections can be treated pretty easily with over the counter or prescription medication.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Get flossing or get inter-dental brushes in there regularly. Ask your dentist what size is right for you, and they can show you proper technique.

Clothes can get smelly over time and sweat gets ground in. Give your shirts a sniff in the armpit when they're clean and have a check. You can put extra detergent directly on the armpits to deal with this.

Coats. People forget to wash coats regularly and they get stale. Get 'em washed.


And I am Blessed...

Some of us have been blessed with extra sweat pores and potent pheromones. It takes a bit more effort to not stink. I am one of these people.

If I don't take extra care I smell really badly. And so I take extra care. Light cotton clothes, wipes, mints.

If you're worried, ask someone you trust to give you an honest answer. No-one sets out to be that guy, so let's get cleaned up!


Charisma +3

And look, if you want to meet people, for some woohoo or other, you need to start taking care of all of this.

Check out our resident dating coach's content on the blog.


BUT I did everything right!

And yet still - pong.

I know the feeling my friend.

Sometimes the body can be an over-productive bugger. If it's persistent go and see your doctor, they may be underlying issues than can be treated.

Or you're just having a smelly day. Don't worry about it. As long as you did what you could!


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