Gaming and Self Care

comic con gaming personal development Jan 10, 2020

Video games!

They’re great. They allow us to explore far off worlds, conquer wild beasts, and enjoy the unlikeliest of scenarios such as owning a property and having a stable relationship, thank you The Sims!

Gaming can be an undeniable force for good, with friendships forged across the globe, achieving common goals, beating the forces of evil, and raising money for charity through such awesome initiatives as Gameblast for SpecialEffect.


When does gaming stop being a good thing? Where are the lines drawn? Where does self care come in, and where does it end?

Enter Graham Johnson, creative producer working in wellbeing and development who hosted the Self Care and Gaming panel at EGX London.


Graham called on some most excellent panelists to join is the discussion around self care and gaming;

Johnny Chiodini of Dicebreaker. Ellen Rose of Outside Extra And CfG’s own Robin Bates

Plus! Artist B.Mure sketched the whole talk live.


Unfortunately technical problems means that some of the footage has been lost, however the audio remains and B.Mure’s sketching will keep you entertained even if the panel’s real world faces are hidden.

Join us as we discuss the highs and lows of self care and gaming in the modern world, ranging from a mayonnaise empire in Stardew Valley to panic attacks in Fallout 4, by way of Pokemon Go and surprise dragons…


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