Easy to Understand SEO Tactics Everyone Needs to Know About

seo Jul 03, 2021


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just something you do later; it’s something you should begin doing now for your business to grow online. If you ignore it, you will lose sales to your competitors. However, SEO can seem like an intimidating prospect to get started. With so many parts, both obvious and technical, you might not know where to begin. Using this guide, you will gain a strong foundation for understanding this art.

What Is SEO?

SEO has evolved dramatically in the last ten years, but there is still a significant gap between what you may think you know and what you do when it comes to practicing it. Common myths and misconceptions surround it, but some things never change. The SEO gurus at Prosperity Media SEO Agency state that numerous tactics are used in a successful campaign, including technical audits, link acquisition, competitor research, and more. However, before getting to know some of the strategies, you should comprehend what it is as well as some of the most widespread misconceptions.

What Is The Difference Between SEO And SEM?

These are both fundamental techniques for an online business to get exposure and find customers, but they are different. The goal of any business online is to be seen by potential customers when they search for a product or service. The more times a company appears on a page, the more exposure it will get. The main difference is while SEO is all about organic traffic that you get for free (indirectly), SEM focuses on paid marketing activities like paid search in Google and Facebook.


Search engine marketing is a strategy in which companies pay for posts to appear higher in search results. The idea is to increase the visibility of your site to increase the amount of traffic you receive. This is done via advertising, often in the form of Google’s AdWords. It is beneficial for gaining traffic to your website very quickly but requires a lot of knowledge and enough money to sustain the adverts.


Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is the art of enhancing your website to give it enough authority that search engines rank it organically in the search results. 

Common Misconceptions

When it comes to SEO, there are many misconceptions, untruths, and downright lies. Unfortunately, due to it being a complex subject, some unscrupulous actors decide to take advantage of those seeking help and end up peddling services that do nothing at best and get you deindexed at worst.

It’s Simple

While some of the fundamentals are simple, create a website, make content and get links, the practice takes far more work than some would lead you to believe. SEO is not static and is an ongoing process that needs constant attention. Your number one ranking one day could be number ten the next.

You Can Do It For Free

This is one of those mistruths that is somewhat true, but not in reality. For example, if you run a successful SEO campaign and end up on the first page of Google, all the traffic you receive is free. However, the road that took you to that point, i.e., the campaign you ran, would have cost money in several ways. From paying content writers to hiring specialists to ensure your site is fast, every step takes time or money, or both.

You Only Need Backlinks

Backlinks are undoubtedly still a crucial factor in playing the SEO game, but nowadays, there is far more you need to do. You can liken it to the following analogy. Your website is a supercar, and the backlinks the fuel. Without a highly tuned car, fuel is useless, but your supercar won’t go anywhere without the fuel.

So now that you know the most egregious myths, what are some tactics that will prove helpful for your business?

Easy Win SEO Tactics

Following the methods below, you will be able to score some easy wins. Each process can either cost you your time or your money; it is unavoidable. However, by utilizing the methods, you should find your website ranking over time.

Perform A Site Audit

A website audit is an objective and detailed review of your site performed by an expert. The idea is to find out the general health of your website and see what things you need to fix. This is the first step, and you must do this before anything else. Even if you had your site professionally designed, you must remember that a web designer is not an SEO expert. Therefore there may be issues like broken links or poor navigational structure.

Increase Speed

How fast your website loads is a genuine ranking factor these days, so the quicker your site is, the more likely you will rank. Having a fast website has many other benefits. Your site could lose potential customers from a slow-loading site due to the impatience of Internet users.

Create Content

An essential part of SEO is content marketing. As with all things SEO-related, it is a bit more complicated than writing a 300-word post and hitting publish. You must find keywords relevant to your business and write optimized content that caters to search engine robots and human beings. 

Build Backlinks

So now we get to the links, the most commonly talked about part of SEO! As the fuel that powers your website to the top of the search results, they are crucial to success. But not all links are created equal. For example, a backlink from an authoritative website like the BBC or HuffPost will give you far more power than one from a random website that nobody has heard of before. Building links requires excellent content worthy of recommendation, which is why content marketing is mentioned before link building. On a final note about links, quality is always better than quantity. A few high-quality links a month are better than creating thousands of low-quality ones (which may cause a search engine penalty, but that is a topic for another post).

Search Engine Marketing is a mystical process that has the power to print money for your business if done correctly. Executing it efficiently, however, requires time, money, and effort. Nevertheless, by following some of the tips outlined in this post, you should be in a better position to do it yourself or hire an agency to help you out.



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