Can you earn money by walking? We try out 3 apps.

Aug 03, 2020


With the world cautiously reopening, and many of us enjoying a slightly chonkier frame due to lockdown eating, drinking, and sitting on our arses, we checked out a few apps that might encourage a little more walking.

Specifically apps that promise to reward you with actual money for doing some exercise.


Your location data is being sold by the likes of Google for money. What if you sold your location data for cryptocurrency instead? That’s the idea behind COIN. You share location data by walking around, you mine each square for COIN, COIN can be traded for XYO, Etherium, or Bitcoin.

There are upsells involved, with a physical ‘Sentinel’ available which validates the data and provides bonuses to how much you mine, and premium accounts for anyone who wants to go deeper.

XYO may or may not become the next big crypto and at the top rate of mining with a paid account, you should be able to get about £30 of XYO tokens in a couple of months. Of course, the market fluctuates, so your rewards will vary. I’m on a basic account with a Sentinel (which I just paid shipping for) and have acquired enough COIN to get myself £4.85 of XYO. Which promptly plummeted to £3, before rising to £5.28.

The more you travel around, the more spaces you can mine for Coin, and this has encouraged me out of the door more than I had been. It’s a bit like Pokémon Go for crypto and that comes with the need to have the app open to benefit, rather than running in the background like the following apps.
You can also watch ads and complete surveys to add to your wallet.

Use our link to join COIN and get 1000 COIN for free!



All you have to do is walk or run to earn Sweatcoin, use Sweatcoin to buy rewards. Rewards include quite a lot of ‘free trials’ that turn into subscriptions if you don’t cancel, so be careful there, or you can save up for ‘marathon rewards’ including a 75” 4K Smart TV, cash, or holidays. 

You can also earn Sweatcoin by watching up to 3 daily ads that only unlock after I would walk 500 straps and I would walk  500 more.  And another 500 to unlock the third.You can also set a 20 minute 2 X boost session each day.

You can cash Sweatcoin out for real money (at a very low exchange rate), or donate them all towards charity. I earn about 6 Sweatcoin a day and by my calculations it’ll take a mere 9 years to earn enough for a Smart TV, so do temper your expectations. Bigger walkers will see bigger results.

Sweatcoin happily runs in the background, so it’s really easy to set up and leave running.

Join Sweatcoin today!

Charity Miles

Why not reward a charity with your exercise? Charity Miles lets you choose from over 40 charities to support with your walking. This one has a strong leaning towards US based charities, but also includes initiatives like the United Nations’ Girl Up charity. Choose a charity, select the activity you’re doing (from outdoor biking to indoor walking), watch a short ad from whichever company is sponsoring your activity, and go.

Once you’re done, hit the ‘finish’ button to log your miles, and make a little money for your nominated charity. If you don’t start and end the activity, it won’t log it – that’s how they get you to see the sponsor ad to fund the donation. Unlike Sweatcoin it does require that start and finish, but I have happily left it running in the background for a few days after commencing a logged walk, with no problems.

Start walking for Charity Miles!

Can you earn money from walking?

It turns out you can, and while it’s not going to earn you a fortune, who knows what the value of XYO will be in the future, and who doesn’t want to contribute a little towards some great charities?

I’m running all 3 of these, doing a little for charity, a little for me, and it’s all getting me out walking more often. BEGONE LOCKDOWN PODGE! *prods self in belly*

Cryptocurrency bonus! Pi Network

If you prefer not to go out, then Pi Network may be for you. A new cryptocurrency developed by a team of Stamford PhDs and graduates, all it asks is that you hit a button on the app everyday to earn Pi.

It’s completely free to use, and is supported by skippable ads. Their aim is to create a decentralised currency that doesn’t require expensive hardware to gain access to. 

What’s the catch? Pi isn’t worth anything yet and you need an invitation to join. Fortunately for you I have a handful up my sleeve. If you’d like to give it a go, head on over to and use cfgrb as your invitation code.


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