8 Simple Tips to Grow Your Podcast Audience

podcasting Aug 17, 2021


Podcast discovery is still largely dependent on word of mouth, so you need to build an audience of engaged fans. According to a compilation of data by Podcast Insights published in April 2021, there are over 2 million podcasts currently out there. Competition is incredibly fierce, and with media corporations eagerly drawing listeners, growing your podcast audience is easier said than done.

To help podcasters, we’ve narrowed down how you can easily grow in this medium. So if you’re a beginner who’s recently invested in podcast equipment, or an experienced podcaster hoping to reach more people, your story has a chance to be heard with these eight tips.

Tip #1: Identify a Suitable Audience

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of podcast marketing, you must first narrow down your target audience. The key to growing your audience is finding your niche. Find something you believe is unique and emphasise how you can add value to your audience’s life. This way, you can appeal and identify with your audience and develop a particular target for all of your advertising efforts.

Tip #2: Learn About Your Audience

Information about your audience is a tool that will help you create content that they will respond to. It is a way to fine-tune your strategy. Use your analytics data to track specific demographics and habits of your listeners. Knowing more about your audience will make you better at giving them what they need.

Tip #3: Track Listener Statistics

Study your metrics and engagement statistics closely. Through this objective data, you can create a growth plan and identify listening patterns you can take advantage of. If your followers engage with certain types of content and listen to certain topics, you can follow their lead and deliver what they demand!

Tip #4: Connect with Your Listeners

Reaching out is the first step to making good connections. You can use social media or other communication platforms to connect with your listeners. By being more engaging, you’re building a community where your fans feel they belong.

Tip #5: Put Yourself Out There

The secret to commercial success is a good campaign strategy. Be your podcast’s biggest advocate, and don’t be afraid to promote! Post links, share content and send some shout-outs to your fans.

Tip #6: Welcome a Guest

You can invite guests to your shows. Choose someone relevant to your niche, an expert in the field, or someone you’ve talked about in previous episodes. That way, your audience feels fulfilled as well. Encourage your guest to promote the episode on their platforms so you can be introduced to their audience. Before the show, talk about your special episode online, hype it up to generate excitement.

Tip #7: Create Content

Posting content on social media or your website is not only an opportunity for you to promote your show; it will also make it easier for other audiences to discover you. Be as creative as you can when promoting your podcast content. Soon, you will be rewarded with audience grow

Tip #8: Create Podcast Trailers

Trailers are a great way to hook new listeners to your show. Mainly composed of sneak peeks and previews, it is a way to tease your audience about an exciting new episode coming up.


The ultimate key to success in anything is consistency. To sustain your growth, you need to put in time and effort. Don’t be afraid to switch lanes or take risks to achieve your goals. With these eight steps and your dedication, you can grow your podcast audience in no time!

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