6 Ways to Attract High Profile Podcast Guests

podcasting Sep 22, 2021



So, you've started a podcast. Hooray! But maybe now you are wondering how to get more podcast listeners and keep them engaged. Enter the guests! Guests are awesome at helping you gorw; they bring their audience along to your show, adn some of them will hang around and subcribe. Hooray! Guests can help you create excellent and unique content.

If a guest is successful enough, you'll often get a continuous stream of new listeners who happen to be fans of your guest. If they like what they hear, you've just gained some new admirers. One of the many reasons getting great podcast guests on your program is so crucial is that it increases your visibility as well as your authority.

There are numerous efficient methods for attracting high-profile guests to your podcast. You can start from here:

1. Tap into Your Existing Network

Reaching out to your existing network is a terrific method to book your first few interviews if you're getting started as a podcast host. Friends, colleagues, and even personal mentors are part of your existing network. Even if you have a brand-new podcast, it's easier to secure an interview with an intimate acquaintance than it is to reach out to strangers.

2. Attend Industry Conferences and Events

Speakers at events are people too, and they’re often friendlier than you’d think. Approach the speaker at a break or after the program and introduce yourself. You can promote your podcast and let them know that you would love having them as a guest on your show in the future. Please do not attempt to schedule an interview with them at that time.

To pique their interest, ask for their permission to email them more information about your presentation. Choose a communication mechanism (email, social media, phone call, etc.) and follow up with them after the event.

3. Use Cold Emails

A cold email is one that you send to someone you have never met in person. Most people publicly show their email addresses on their website, but you can send them a note through their website's contact form if they don't. Your message will almost certainly end up in their mailbox or, at the very least, the inbox of their assistant.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media Direct Communications 

This method is similar to the previous one, except you send a social media message instead of sending an email. Many people use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to introduce themselves to possible guests and ask for their email addresses to send them further information.

Twitter is also an excellent tool for connecting with potential visitors. Since Twitter can only hold as many as 280 characters, tweeting "I'd love to have you as a guest on my podcast" or "Can I provide you some details?" should be sufficient to elicit a response. Transfer the conversation to email and follow up with a more detailed message.

5. Consider Other Podcasts

If your list of potential guests is running short, scanning the list of guest interviews from other podcasts is a quick approach to locate new individuals to call. Similar podcasts serve the same audience no matter what business or niche your podcast is in.

One of the reasons this method works so well is that you're looking for folks who have already done podcast interviews, so they're comfortable with the format. Suppose the same individual appears as a guest on many podcasts in a short period. In that case, they're likely pushing something and booking as many interviews as they can to get their message out to as many people as possible. You should be able to schedule a consultation if you contact them at an appropriate time.

6. Ask for Guest Recommendations

Never ask the interviewee for an introduction to someone else before interviewing them. This may lead them to feel the only reason you wanted to interview them was to seek an introduction to that other person, which will immediately shatter your relationship with them.

Wait until you've completed interviewing them, and then ask them for an introduction if you have a great relationship with them, and they are prepared to chat with you for a few minutes after the interview. If you don't have a specific individual in mind, ask your guest to refer you to someone they believe might be a good fit.


It’s all about the approach. If it’s someone fun, be fun and charming in your outreach. Someone a bit more serious? Show that you’ve done your research and give them a good reason to be a guest.

Are You Ready to Find the Perfect Guest?

Regardless of which of the ways we have mentioned you choose to use, the good news is that they all work well together. Do everything you can to schedule your first few interviews and establish some momentum. You'll find that booking more appointments utilizing all of the tactics suggested comes effortlessly after that.

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