6 Things You Need For A 6 Hour Car Ride

Nov 17, 2020


Nothing is as fulfilling as the freedom you get on an open road with a car that knows how to handle itself. Yes, you don’t want to be on a road trip with a car that’s doomed to break at any minute! This calls for prior preparations because sitting for long hours in a car, whether alone or with hyperactive kids, can be overwhelming. Your mental state of mind will be challenged, and as a motorist, do not forget that you might have to deal with road rage drivers and the boys in blue. To help prepare you, below are six things you need for a six-hour car drive.

1. Music

Music is food for the soul, and there’s something about music that helps the nerves to calm down. Now, combine beautiful music with stunning sceneries, your excitement to reach your destination, and the roaring of the engine, and you get a perfect road trip. Nothing beats the feeling of listening to John Denver’s “Country Road” hit song on an open road!

The quality of music in your car will be so much dependent on the type of speakers. This guide on the best Bluetooth speakers from the guys over at LifeRejoice.com will provide you with different options, categories, and important considerations to factor in before investing in a Bluetooth speaker. Below are the reasons why Bluetooth speakers are better than conventional ones from car manufacturers. They include:

  • They provide you hands-free operations meaning that you can concentrate better with your driving
  • Sound clarity
  • Bluetooth speakers are compatible with your devices, and this makes it easier to play your music directly from your smartphone or iPad
  • They are fairly easy to set up

2. Kids Traveling Essentials

As a parent, you could have the patience, energy, and resilience to hold it in for six hours. The same cannot be expected when with kids traveling the same distance. You must plan for in-transit activities, stopovers, but most importantly, ensure to bring along all their travel essentials. To help you out, below are things you need when traveling with kids. They include:

  • Clearly-marked Individual travel bags
  • Colouring supplies
  • Books
  • Gadgets
  • Food, snacks, and drinks
  • Toiletries

3. An Extra Pair Of Light Shoes

Navigating the intricacies involved when preparing a long-distance trip can be overwhelming, and you might relate to this if you have kids. Now, with such, your feet will be the last thing on your mind – or not. When on a six-hour car ride, be sure to pack a pair of light shoes. You might consider always having a pair in the car to avoid the mistake of forgetting them.

4. Water Bottles

Keeping yourself and family hydrated while on the go should be at the top of your priorities. There are so many water bottling companies, and you can never be too sure about their production processes. You might consider investing in a personal water filtration system for your home, and come D-day, you’ll have a good supply of clean and safe water. While in the same vein, pack your beverages and perhaps a few snacks in a spacious cooler box. This will ensure that your water remains cold and your food preserved throughout the trip.

5. Personal Chargers

The last thing you want is your phone dying on you when you need it the most. Thanks to the car cigarette lighter, you can have a multi-outlet automobile auxiliary socket charging up most of your devices at a go. As a motorist, you also need to ensure that your car’s charging system is functional along with other crucial car systems. By all means, have a spare tire checked and repaired the night before, the jump cables on stand by, and an emergency kit.

6. A Clean Bill of Health

Sitting for a six-hour drive is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be healthy and physically fit to achieve a successful and adventurous trip. The last thing you want is having to pull over because of an underlying medical condition. This might present risks such as carjacking and accidents. If you are taking any medication, you must ensure that they are packed in your emergency kit.

The above are six things to help you achieve a successful six-hour car drive. All you now need to do is roll down the windows, crank up the volume of your stereo, and off you go! But most importantly, follow all the traffic rules and be kind to the other road users – especially track drivers. Your sanity and safety while on the road will depend on it.



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