5 Reasons Why Playing Board Games Is Good for You

tabletop gaming Jul 16, 2020


There’s an entire world of board games out there for you and your friends to explore. Whether you’re 8 or 88, there’s a board game that’s sure to stir the spirit of competition between you and your friends—and it’s going to feel like you’re all kids again! Gleeful kids to demonic kids via warfaring space raider kids and everything in between.

From “Spot It” to “Betrayal at House on the Hill,” board games help sharpen your analytical skills and strategy crafting. It’s also a great way to give that self-confidence a boost while having a great time with friends and family.

Here’s why board games are beneficial for you:

1. They Bring People Closer Together

The very heart of board games is playing with someone else (though plenty of solo board games exist too). Whether it’s a two-player card game or a board game that can have ten or more players, you’ll be bonding with others and getting to know them a little more. It’s a great activity to break the ice with your co-workers or a nice way to wind down in the evening. Competition tends to increase energy levels, too — you’ll be playing with people who are excited to win, whether that’s as a team, or as opponents.

2. They’re Good for Your Health

There are plenty of health benefits to playing board games too! It forces you to calculate risks and create your own strategy to win, which means you’ll be flexing parts of your brain that process complex thought.

You’ll be doing a lot of problem-solving and decision-making in board games, which is important in developing your cognitive skills and making sure they’re in top shape. In fact, studies have shown that playing board games actually helps lower the risk of dementia in elderly people. With all the thinking you’ll have to do, you’ll definitely be giving your brain a workout.

Playing board games also helps keep eye fatigue at bay as opposed to video games. You won’t experience the eye strain associated with being in front of a screen all day, but you’ll get to have just as much fun!

3. They Relieve Stress

With the dynamics of playing a board game, it’s inevitable that someone makes a gaffe that would make you tear up in laughter. Sometimes there are so many rules, and when someone forgets them, high jinks ensue!

Leisure activities are important in reducing stress and taking care of mental health, and board games are no exception. Laughter is also proven to reduce stress and increase the endorphins produced by your brain – and we all know that laughter is the best medicine!

Aside from that, board games can definitely help reduce anxiety. A study showed a significant decrease in player’s depression and anxiety levels when playing a Japanese board game, Shogi, for six weeks.

4. They Make You More Creative

Plenty of board games involve being resourceful in order for you to outwit your fellow players and win. Standard strategies no longer cut it – you’ve got to be creative to get ahead of your competition! 

A great thing about this aspect is that it opens up the different sides of creativity, apart from the usual and more commonly seen visual side. If you’ve been wanting to show your creative side, this is a fantastic way to do it.


5. They Teach You Real-Life Skills

Another beneficial characteristic of board games is that it teaches you a lot of valuable real-life skills. Sure, it’s “just” a game, but when you apply that strategic thinking in actual scenarios, you’ll be unstoppable.

Many board games involve the skill of negotiation. For board games like The Resistance and Werewolf, you have to use innovative ways to convince the other players that you aren’t the bad guy and negotiate to kill someone off—anyone will do, as long as it isn’t you! For games like Love Letter, you’ll have to learn how to properly assess risks and deduce the cards each player has. These skills are easily transferable in work or at school. Board games can be your training field!


Final words  

There’s an incredible number of board games out there and just as many great reasons to play it. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are or what you’re into – whether you spend all your time on Markiplier’s public Discord or focus singularly on your culinary practice, there’s a board game out there for you that will sing to your inner nerd.

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