4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence When Streaming With a Camera

streaming Feb 18, 2022

One of the best ways to grow your stream is to set up a camera so that the audience can see you in real-time. This is because when viewers watch a stream, many do so to watch the player themself.

However, if you have never experienced doing anything in front of people or on camera, chances are that you are feeling nervous about this idea. You might be worried about what you can talk about during your stream or how you should even look.

If you are looking for tips on how you can build confidence in front of the camera, here are a few you need to remember!


1. Stay healthy

Your health has a more significant role than you might realize. When you are tired, exhausted, or sick, you will not feel as confident. You will smile less, be less focused and end up being less entertaining. These aspects are something you don’t want your viewers to see when they hop onto your stream.

For that reason – alongside many others – remember to do your best to maintain your health. This includes having plenty of rest and water to help you look and feel good, allowing you to feel more confident.


2. Look at the camera

Maintaining eye contact is important whenever speaking to someone else. This can also be applied when you are streaming, where you should look into the camera whenever you talk. This helps your viewers connect to you on a deeper level, which is excellent for your stream.

For that reason, tell yourself that your camera is your friend, that you should talk to it normally as you would with another human. However, keep in mind that you should not make it awkward. For instance, you should not stare at it intensely for too long, as you might creep out your audience. Try your best to be natural, but do not forget to make eye contact every so often!


3. Maintain your appearance

What would your viewers rather see: an early morning, just woken up and dazed you streamer, or a showered and groomed presenter? The latter, of course! Not only are you much more confident when you look your best, but you are also more pleasing for people to look at and interact with.

When you stream, you should always be aware of your appearance before you turn on the camera. If you are comfortable with this, you will be more confident, knowing you look great!


4. Control your body language

Many viewers who log onto your stream will judge whether they like you simply by looking at how you carry yourself. They can tell whether you are confident by your body language alone. To ensure you have an aura of confidence surrounding you, take the time to practice body language! This can include keeping an upright posture and holding your shoulders back. 



Understand that no one is perfect. Each of us has our little flaws and quirks, but you can build your confidence by accepting those things about you. By embracing who you are, you can become a better streamer and enjoy what you love doing!

Keep these tips in your mind, but remember to make room for improvement. That way, you can boost your self-confidence when you stream, helping you improve your stream to provide your viewers with hours of enjoyment!

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