3 Ways D&D Benefits Your Cognitive Abilities

d&d Jan 04, 2022

So, you find yourself lost in a forest somewhere with your companions. You have no idea how you got here, and you seem to have lost everything. In front of you, a locked chest sits and waits. What is your next move?

If the above sounds familiar to you, chances are you have played or seen Dungeons and Dragons in action, a game that can be played with nothing more than a sheet of paper and some dice! Of course, you might need a few other things, but you definitely do not need an actual forest of some kind and a locked chest. All of these can take place in your imagination and is, in fact, one of the biggest reasons the game can help with problem-solving, social skills, and even stress management.

In this article, we will talk about how Dungeons and Dragons can benefit your stress levels and cognitive abilities to see how such a game can contribute to your life:

1. D&D promotes teamwork

D&D puts a heavy emphasis on teamwork. Relying on each other for specific skills and strengths is what will help you succeed in accomplishing a certain mission. If you are playing with new people, talking to each other about your character’s strengths and weaknesses is important. In the real world, such skills will allow you — if you have trouble sitting and chatting with other people — to feel more comfortable and support each other!

2. D&D stirs your imagination

Although some D&D games may go as far as building large sets to play on, even those with nothing more than pieces of paper and dice can play. Everything will occur right in the theatre of the mind. You will imagine scenes, action, and more as described by the DM. This kind of mental stimulation allows your mind to stir its creative juices. As a result, you become more creative as a person, and certainly a more imaginative one, too. It also encourages you to adapt, improvise, and overcome unexpected challenges; all skills that are incredibly useful back in boring old reality. Even if you can’t solve all your problems with a fireball.

3. D&D tackles tough themes

One truly astonishing aspect of D&D is that you can integrate tough themes into the game. Things like separation, loneliness, sadness, death and the like are themes the DM can use in the game. 

Of course, these are all make-believe. However, it can be cathartic for people dealing with this in real life. In fact, it can even help you understand yourself, such as how you would react to certain things. Remember to discuss with your DM if there are any themes that would be less helpful to have in play, and let them know if anything is making you uncomfortable. It is a game to be enjoyed after all.


D&D offers all of the benefits above and more, making it an incredibly mind-stimulating game that helps you become more mentally healthy and cognitively sound. You would have more reasons to play D&D than it being an amazing game. It is a great treat to your mind, and by participating in such games with other people, you get to practice many skills you otherwise may not be able to in your day-to-day life.

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