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Mirador – The Review

Mirador shows a lot of promise but lacks any real content to be a game you can truly invest in Indie games always come in different forms, you get some games that are new pieces of art, they capture you instantly and become a world wide phenomena or just a cult classic like with Cuphead or Celeste, there are also... Read More

Become the ultimate NERD!

Most people think that to have a successful career or business you need to be a born leader, or have a level of arrogance that would make Hal Jordan blush. I thought that too. Until a few years ago…. You see, growing up, my best friend was my Spectrum 48k+, then a SNES, then an Amiga, and then….. Well, you... Read More

Diabetes, Not So Sweet.

Welcome back, fellow geeks. Today’s Health Bar is going to take a deep dive into the world of Diabetes. We will look at what it is, the history, the treatments, the science and pseudoscience surrounding this fascinating metabolic disorder. (with some additional comments from me, Robin, who has type 1 diabetes) Diabetes – What’s in a name? Let’s start with... Read More
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Top 5 Basic Men’s Fashion Must-Haves for Winter 2019

by Ian Dallimore It wouldn’t be a winter article if I didn’t start out by complaining how bloody dark it is all the time now – but just because it’s dark, doesn’t mean you need retreat into your “comfies” and hibernate for the season. Winter presents an opportunity to be comfortable and look great all at the same time. The... Read More
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Transformers 35: Interview with John Frazier, Global Senior Brand Manager for Transformers at Hasbro

At MCM London Comic Con recently, I was invited to meet with John Frazier, Global Senior Brand Manager for the Transformers franchise at Hasbro. I was five when Transformers first hit the screens, and grew up with Generation One. I may never have owned an Optimus Prime but I leapt at the chance to find out about the new lines of... Read More
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Night Lights – The Review

By Michael B. Night Lights is a game where you control a blocky character who walks through a dark world at night. His cure for the darkness is altering any lights he can find. Light can actually alter the state of reality – allowing him to sidestep problems that block his path. It is a platform/puzzle game with the pace... Read More

Make Believe Exhibition at the Royal Armouries

I recently got sent to Leeds, to become a roving reporter for Coaching for Geeks, where I attended the preview opening on the new Make Believe Exhibition at the Royal Armouries.  The Armouries are trying new ways to engage with people and bring them into the museum, which is odd as they have 40,000 weapons – how is that not... Read More
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Tabletop Gaming Live: The Review

TableTop Gaming Live at Alexandra Palace (September, 2019) My first experience of a gaming convention last year was, I have to admit, a baptism of fire. I was overwhelmed at times by the amounts of fans jostling for position around the exhibition hall stands, all chatting animatedly about their purchases and tournaments schedules, and I mentally prepared myself to have... Read More

War Selection – Early Access Review

War Selection – An Early Access Review In the beginning, the universe was created.  War Selection, by developer Glyph Worlds, is a new take on an old medium of videogame. It’s an old school RTS with a new enough twist that it got me wanting to play more of it already. If you, the reader, ever played such classics as... Read More
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GIMP Tutorial: Put The Overlord’s Head On A Daemon Engine

In the Coaching for Geeks Community, we had a challenge to put a cut-out of Robin’s head on a vehicle. (And, don’t call me psychic, but I predict this kind of challenge will happen again…). I know a lot of people out there are less familiar with GIMP and other image editors than I am, so I figured I’d lend... Read More
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Brace Yourselves: Summer Cooking Is Nearly Mastered

Summer in the Northern hemisphere may be over, but a great salad evokes memories of the warm at any time of year. Tackling salads, dressings, and marinade, Paul Flannery dons his chef apron and giant D20 to continue to level up your cooking stat. Summer food can get complicated quickly; multiple pan dishes, tropical fruits, expensive ingredients… But it doesn’t... Read More

Goal Setting Your Way to Your Dream Career

The often-overlooked skill of goal setting can go a long way in leading us towards our dream careers. While we may be satisfied with having a general idea of what we want and where we want to go, taking the time to be deliberate towards our goals can make a world of difference. A good example of this is how... Read More
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while True: learn() – The Review

What do programming, self-driving cars, video games, and cats have in common? Your first thought might be to wonder whose Youtube vlog I could possibly be referencing. In reality, though, I am talking about ‘while True: learn ( )’. ‘while True:’ is a game developed by and has all of these things and more. When you first enter the... Read More
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How Do You Get Confident In Cosplay?

How do you progress your ability in cosplay? And what happens when you’re ridiculously skilled and still get nervous out of costume? I bring you on to the Main Stage at the UK’s largest pop culture event, MCM Comic Con London, to talk about it of course! Cast your mind back to May of 2019. Summer was on its way... Read More
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Kastles: Medieval Mayhem – The Review

Kastles has a simple objective: everyone has a castle to defend and other castles to destroy. That’s it; no plot twist or hidden backstory, but what it lacks in narrative depth it makes up for in enjoyment. For this game, created by Gunpowder Studios and promoted by Red Knight Toy Group, uses strategy and silliness in equal measure as players... Read More

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: Rebellion Interview

Coaching for Geek’s roving reporter Nate got to interview Martin Caine from Rebellion Elite, to get a little inside info on the ‘Sniper Elite V2: Remastered’. We find out what’s new to the game, talk about the game’s infamous nutshots, and delve a little into the controversial past of the Sniper Elite DLC “Assassinate Hitler” quest. Tell us a little... Read More
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How to be a Confident Streamer

The greatest videogame convention in the land we call Eng(land), EGX, returns to London for its 2019 edition. Simultaneously rendering our EGX Survival Guide useless and being just down the road from Coaching for Geeks HQ, meaning we can run some things at the show. Here’s the first of five! HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT STREAMER 2pm THURSDAY 17th OCTOBER... Read More

Camp Wildfire Review: Updated for 2019

Earlybird tickets are now on sale! Use our Camp Wildfire link to get £10 off your ticket! There is a magical place in the woods near Sevenoaks and I have just returned home the better for having visited. Camp Wildfire, hidden away on the St Clere Estate, in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK is billed as a half music festival and half... Read More