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What Are 6 Simple Steps How To Get More Blog Traffic

Jan 05, 2024

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Jan 05, 2024

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"CfG is a proper community.

Terry Cook

Driving Instructor & Podcaster

"I got recommended to Robin by a friend because I wasn't getting hired anywhere and I was getting a bit frustrated, I followed guides online about "how to make the perfect cv" and "what employers look for" etc. Robin took a good look at my cv, told me what I needed to change and gave reason why. I now have two job offers within a couple weeks of sending out the new one and I couldn't recommend them more!


"I've massively expanded my client base, i've become more organised and i now have 2 touch points in the day where i can actually stand back and say "oh yeah, i've actually made progress. Thats been the big thing; recognising the small, incremental progress is as important as the big leaps..

Pete Garbacz


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