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You wanna write a book!

This is part 4.

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Now on with the celebrations! – Robin


Heather Ness Professor of Psychology Broken Heroes the unofficial guide to trauma and psychology of Marvel's defenders



You just wrote a book!

Reward yourself!

In fact, for every subgoal or step along the way, reward yourself for finishing that step. But put some thought into how you want to reward yourself.

I rewarded myself with a package of fudge cookies after I completed my rough draft. Enjoyable, but maybe not the all-around beneficial reward I could have used.


My book release party served both as a promotional tool and an opportunity to celebrate myself and let other people support me.

Power Ups

What something you’ve really wanted?

What is going to help you accomplish your next goal?

What will actively motivate you onto that next goal?

Sorry to interject, choosing a reward that helps you is so important. When you level up you gain a badass sword, or extra HP, so find something that moves you on, wholeheartedly agreeing with what you wrote here!  – Robin

Most importantly, keep in mind that everyone’s journey is their own. Your process to publishing your unique book and achieving your goals is not going to look the same as my process. And that’s ok.

Rather focusing on the right or wrong things to do or comparing yourself to others, take some time to consider what do you want to achieve?


What do you want your finished book to look like?


Now, how are you going to make that happen?


Heather Ness


Bonus Feature! (totally not because Robin messed up splitting the blog post up).

Heather talks about Squirrel Girl – Marvel’s Greatest Superhero.

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