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Heather Ness

She’s the author of Broken Heroes: An Unofficial Guide to the Trauma and Psychology of Marvel’s Defenders (that’s an affiliate link, just a heads up)

Heather’s also been on the podcast to talk superheroes, comics, cartoons and more.

She also did The Psychology of the Legend of Zelda at Atlanta Anime Weekend.

Check out what else she’s doing on her blog – Super-Psych.

I love what she does, and I reckon you will too – Robin

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How to Write a Book – Part 1

I released a new book this year and fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

Now, this accomplishment does by no means make me an expert on self-publishing. Other published authors could probably teach me a lot, but here’s some thoughts from my own experience that I would have liked to have read before figuring out this adventure on my own.


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Have an idea.

This step might be both the hardest and easiest part of the process. Many of us have a book waiting inside us, waiting to get out. We have this idea we’ve been sitting on for ages.

Well, why sit on it? Why wait?

Some of you might be thinking, “eh, I have an idea, but I don’t think other people would be interested.”

I wrote a book psychoanalyzing in-depth some previously unpopular superheroes (thanks, Netflix). That’s pretty niche. Some people will never read my book because that’s just not where their interests lie. And that’s ok.

Other people are into the topic and have given me positive feedback.

Maybe it won’t be the next New York Times bestseller that everyone reads. But I can guarantee you that if it interests you, there are other people with that same interest.

Some people say write for an audience, but I personally believe write for yourself, and the audience will appear.

Even if it’s not a huge, mega-popular seller, who cares? You’ve accomplished something. You’ve taken your own ideas and created a thing that previously did not exist.

Go for it!

Neon cover art for a psychology guide to Marvel characters - Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist

Set goals.

When you decide to go for it and publish your book, you must set goals to actually make it happen.

First, set some over-arching goal for yourself.

I wanted to publish a book in 2017. Ok, cool. Take your overarching goal and think of realistic steps to achieve that goal.

To publish a book in 2017, I needed

  • a rough draft
  • a completed draft
  • cover art
  • and an outlet for publication (more on that in the next installment).

For me, listing steps in a chronological order of what needed to happen first helped.

Before I can publish a book, I need to write. I’m of course not going to write a ready-to-go book at the first shot, so I need a rough draft.

Ok, so that’s my first step.


To be continued.


Heather Ness – Professor of Psychology at Middle Georgia State University


Part 2 coming in a week, keep an eye on the blog

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