It feels like we’ve got new and innovative video games coming out every single day. These marvels of programming and artistry tell amazing stories and are the perfect tool for helping you escape your everyday life, at least for a few hours.

If you look back, there are decades of video games for you to choose from. So should you still be playing these old classics? Here is our take on why you should still be playing old video games alongside your brand-new triple-A titles.

It’s a Trip Down Memory Lane

When did you start playing video games? For many of us, we first picked up a gamepad or mouse in childhood, and we’ve been playing ever since. Going back to those games that we loved as children is a fantastic trip down memory lane. I might make you feel nostalgic for simpler times, but it can also be a way to meet and even beat the challenges that might have stumped you when you were young.

Which was your first controller?

They Are Still Incredibly Challenging

Modern games like the “Dark Souls” series and “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” pride themselves on being some of the most difficult video games of our age. They’re challenging, but they’re nothing compared to some of the retro games that we played growing up.

Look at “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.” A 16-bit boxing game might not seem like much of a challenge in today’s landscape, but even Mike Tyson himself can’t beat the game’s final boss.

Mario calls it – technical knockout!

We Can Learn From Video Game History

We think of gaming as something that took off in the last few decades, but the concept of things like arcade machines dates back to the 1930s. Of course, back then they were all used for gambling rather than gaming, but that could be another example of history repeating itself. Loot boxes, anyone?

We can learn so much from video game history. And while it might not give you the solutions to the puzzle or help you beat the boss, it’s always a good idea to look back before you try to look forward.

It Helps You Appreciate What You Have Now

We wouldn’t have the incredibly intricate and realistic video games that we have today without all the retro games that came before them. If you’re annoyed with a new game — either because it doesn’t have a lot of stories or you hated how it ended (we’re looking at you, “Mass Effect 3“), take a step back and play one or two of those old retro titles that you might have hanging around. Playing one of these nostalgic games can help you really appreciate what we have now.

They’re Still Great Stories

It’s been over a decade since BioWare launched the first game in the “Dragon Age” series. During that time, the franchise got two more games with a third on the way, but going back to where it all started is still well worth your time. You can still save the world, get the girl (or boy) and spend hundreds of hours exploring Ferelden.

OK, this is actually Dragon Age Inquisition

This is just one example. There are thousands of stories and thousands of worlds that you can go back and revisit. Pick one and go on a trip!

You Get a Lot for Your Money

Replayability is a big part of the video game industry. Gamers aren’t going to pay $60 for a game if they finish everything during the first playthrough or only get a few hours of playtime out of it. That’s why there’s so much call for developers to make games that players can keep coming back to again and again.

If you pick the right game, you can potentially play it forever, or at least dump hundreds or thousands of hours into it before you start getting bored. Not bad for a $60 price tag. Even better if you picked up the game during a Steam sale!

Which One Are You Going to Play First?

Think about the games you loved as a kid. Which ones do you want to play first? The Nintendo Switch supports all sorts of classic and retro NES and SNES games for a monthly subscription fee. You can find others on platforms like Humble, Good Old Games (GOG), and Steam if you don’t have the classic consoles sitting around.

We should all be playing old video games alongside the new ones. What’s on deck for your next retro throwback gaming marathon?