What We Do

We do coaching

And ‘what the hell is coaching?’ is a very sensible question.

We help people to get what they want out of life, whether it’s related to their career, love life, dating, or literally anything else.

We listen. Ask questions. Call you out on your bullshit reasons for not achieving what you want. Create a plan. Offer guidance, support, advice.

And hold you accountable for doing it.

Our coaches have won awards. They can change your life.


Our primary method of working is online courses, either with or without 1-2-1 time.

Not all courses are available at all times, we take cohorts on at set times throughout the year.

Check the courses page to see what’s currently available.

7 Step Guide

Our freebie is a sweet 7 Step Guide to Winning at Life. It’s very good.

Facebook Group

We’re very proud of the community we’ve grown on Facebook. The coaches show up daily, there’s a team of mods with their own specialist areas. We run challenges, events, gaming – it’s the best way to get hold of one of our coaches and you can ask them anything.

Just expect to take action as a result.

Our Facebook testimonials are pretty epic.

You should join.

The gang get first dibs on what we do.

When people get involved, get stuck in, all sorts of great things tend to happen to them.

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We have the iTunes UK#1, US #7 Games & Hobbies Podcast. 3 hosts. Loads of guests. Life. Dating. Fitness. Geekery. Gamify your life.

Also available on Podbean, Podtail, Overcast, PocketCasts, pretty much everywhere podcasts live.

We also crop up on other podcasts fairly regularly.


How to write a book. Lies about love from Hollywood movies. How not to be a creep at the gym. Maximising your time. Anxiety. Cosplay. Immersive games. Reviews. Loads of guest bloggers. Our blog is great if you fancy a read.


We are working with convention organisers to provide workshops, panels, events and activities. We also help on issues of inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility.

Plus we turn up, take loads of cosplay pictures, interview celebs, and spend a fortune on merchandise, games, clothes, food, replica Keyblades and Master Swords, and have a great time.

Our ultimate survival guide is a work in progress.


We speak at events on our respective areas of expertise.

Robin MCs other peoples’ events.

If you want one of our coaches or colleagues at your event get in touch.