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Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…

If I have that stuck in my head, you can too! If you’re just here to register for the webinar hit this button.

Sorry, you missed it.

You pass the butter


Is the other thing that leapt to mind. Sorry, let’s focus.


Hello, Robin here, founder of Coaching for Geeks.

I only figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up a few years ago. I was blown by the winds of life through my twenties and early thirties before crashing on the rocks of… I had something for this…

The rocks of not knowing my purpose? (weak, I’ll come back to that).

Moving away from watery metaphors

I had to figure it out, or be miserable – there were more options – you don’t HAVE to figure it out and you can still be happy. But I was not. I’d ended up in a job where my values weren’t being honoured and I had become a fat, lonely, sad, geek who didn’t know what the hell was going on.

It took me a while

You can speed it up. Join me on this webinar and I’ll take you through the steps to figuring out your purpose, or at the very least figuring out what’s important to you. It’ll be great!

Now I’ve lost weight (eating/drinking your feelings won’t fill that hole kids), travel to conventions, play roleplaying games, and help people become EVEN MORE AWESOME for work, and I bloody love it.

Can’t make it?

Register and you’ll get access to the replay for 24 hours, you’ll even be able to ask questions as you watch it and they’ll get emailed to me. Fancy!

The rocks of hard knocks? I give up on that one. Don’t give up on living your purpose.



Robin Bates – Loving life and living my purpose


Why not try being nice for no reason and seeing what happens

When I started living my purpose I ended up with the UK’s #1 Games & Hobbies podcast

Part of my purpose is running this group of wonderful geeks who keep me on my toes

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