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Cor, that took a while but the Coaching for Geeks website is up and running!


You’ll find regular blogs from me, Robin Bates – on levelling up all aspects of your life, getting more satisfaction, achieving more, planning, and getting the things you most want to live the best geekiest life.


I’ll be reporting from conventions to show you how you can get involved, going to escape rooms, shows, gaming sessions, and much more – with members of the Coaching for Geeks community (go join now, I can wait so you can come along too. I’m mostly in and around London, but we’re giving CfGers the tools to run their own events. Keep an eye out. Also my course Achievement:Unlocked – How to Achieve Anything will be available soon.

I’m also talking at events, running workshops, doing some roleplaying games to help young entrepreneurs to learn planning, communication, improv skills, and we’ll have details of what’s coming up.

I’ll be posting about getting what you want from this geeky life, how to plan, break through any barriers, pick yourself up, and get that job/vacation/console/business/thriving YouTube channel you want.


No-one can do it alone so I’ve recruited some top-level, prestiged multiple times, talent to help out (seriously, it’s taken me over a year to find the right people and I’m really proud of my team).



We’re not as violent as that, though we haven’t played MarioKart against each other yet…


Coach Austin Toloza (you can call him Coach Austin) from Hyper Strength & Conditioning to take care of your nerdy health & fitness needs. Seriously, this guy does lightsaber combat training, and knows how to get geeks like me moving, and adopting the right mindset for success (I’ve lost 10kg already). His podcasts are some of our most downloaded and he has a great line in geek metaphors.


Coach Austin’s course – Level 1 Fitness – will be available early 2018 and will take you through everything you need to safely and easily get into fitness for the first time, or after a break. This is gonna be a lot of fun!

He’ll give us regular blog posts on levelling up you fitness and take you from Level 1 to LEVEL 9000!


Last but not least, from Montreal, it’s Rami the Gutsy Geek! He spent years figuring out the formula to dating success and his course – Level Up Your Dating Life – is already available, go check it out. I’ve personally worked through it and had 3 dates, and you know *ahem* they’ve ended successfully…

Rami is also a competitive Tekken player, has a sweet Zelda tattoo, and has hundreds of happy clients who’ve learned how to fix up their dating profiles, pictures, learn how to approach someone, what to say, where to take them, and what to do next.

So that’s us.

Join the group.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Read the blog.

Buy a course.

Gain XP.

Level up.

Become even more awesome.


It’s time.

Press start to begin…

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