It’s Twitch 101 with Coaching for Geeks and Trista Bytes! Twitch is a beast of a platform, and with the demise of Mixer (Twitch’s only true rival), everyone’s streaming on Twitch. If you want to be a streamer then you need to get the right kit, grow your audience, grow your confidence, and learn some new skills. Whether you’re starting out, growing your community, or struggling to gain traction, Coaching for Geeks has got you covered. Drawing on the epic streamer talents of Trista Bytes, Robin and Bex discuss everything you need to get streaming with style.

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You don’t need to spend much to get started

One of the key lessons from this session is that you don’t need fancy and expensive kit to get started. Give it a go and find out what you need BEFORE you start investing in top-end cameras, microphones, and streamdecks. However, if you are ready to splurge on some gear to level up your Twitch streams, why not get some of these and support Coaching for Geeks?

Elgato Streamdeck – This gives you a wealth of extra buttons which can be programmed to run transitions, effects, switch between cameras and much more besides. Absolutely not needed for your first streams!

LED Ringlight – If you’re streaming with your face on cam, then we want to see it! Any old lamp will do the trick, and this is a decent ringlight with a tripod and adjustable light settings.

Logitech Streamcam – Good webcams are hard to come by right now, with many going for a premium. The Logitech Streamcam is a good balance between cost and quality.

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We’ve got much more streaming on Twitch content to come to help you grow your confidence, grow your audience, and level up your stream, here at Coaching for Geeks!

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