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Basically B.S.

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Recently there has been a big boom of fitness interest and participation, again (think back to the 90s and again in the 80s – legwarmers for everyone!), which means a lot of newbies will be doing stupid shit to get to their goal faster than the other person.

It is easy to get caught up in a tidal wave of B.S. within the fitness realm. Why? Because it is so much easier now more than ever to spew out wacky pseudoscience claims to the masses. Even if you Google check people it can still be iffy.

Here are several health and fitness B.S. terms, trends, and words that are being thrown around to this day that may actually cause you to look foolish if you were to ever buy into them.



Toy Story Toxins Everywhere


Everytime I hear someone say “it will cleanse your body of the toxins” what “toxins” are they talking about!? I want exact names! You can’t just generalize and say that a detoxification process will be the solution to get rid of all the bad, horrible, icky stuff in your body.


Take a car and a mechanic for an example. Imagine the following conversation:

You: “I need an oil change.”

Mechanic: “Ah, yes, I can sense your car is highly irregular and toxic.”
You: “…..O.K..well how much will it be and how long will you take?”

Mechanic: “We will detoxify your car for $9999 and it will take 30 minutes?”
You: “WTF!? Why so much and what does the detoxifying do?”

Mechanic: “It gets rid of the toxins in your car.”

You: “Toxins…The fuck do you mean?”

Mechanic: “The bad stuff from all the stress you’ve put your car through.”
You: “Yes, but what exactly are the toxins you are referring to?”
Mechanic: “Bad Toxins. The dark bad free radical stuff.”

You can see where I am going with this. If I can’t get a specific answer and proof then I’m gonna call B.S.


You want to know what really filters impurities, extra water, and waste products from your blood as well as regulate your pH, potassium and sodium levels? Your kidneys, and the last time I checked we humans come with two of them built in.



The Witch from Sleeping Beauty with an Organic Apple

Good ole’ fashion naturally grown food that’s chemical free, cleaner, packed with natural nutrients and good for the environment! Right!? No! I’m not taking that for the following reasons:


It takes more land to farm organically than conventional farming. It doesn’t taste better. There are no studies showing organic foods having supremacy of nutrients compared to their conventionally farmed counterparts and you still have to make sure you really clean them because animals can freely shit in any farm, organic or not.


I’m not saying abandon organic food all together, heck I like eating some of the stuff. I’m saying to the organic food elitist to get off your high horse and chill the fuck out.


“Fat Burning Zone”

Burnt Pizza With Funny Text about burning calories


You see this all the time when you get on a piece of cardio equipment. You’ll hear it a ton when those fitness commercials like “Incinerator Fitness Fat Blaster Die Fat Die Workout 90 XX!!!”


There is no certain intensity in exercise where you will just burn primarily fat. I am dead serious. You actually burn “100%” of fat during sleep and burn “100%” carbs during intense sprint type activities, however you can’t necessarily just burn the fat off the top of your abdominals by always working out during the fat burn mode on the treadmill.

If that were the case, bodybuilders and physique models would be hogging all the cardio equipment day in and day out, especially a couple days before their show!


The “Fat Burning Zone” was created to grab your attention and generate sales. Doing more activity however does help, but don’t expect that fat burning can be solved with one button on a piece of cardio equipment. You’re above that so don’t fall for it!

If you do want to lose some belly fat, check out my 3 Tips to Lose Belly Fat.


Approach all the fitness buzzwords and fads with a critical mind – if it’s too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Look for the research, the science, and make an informed choice.


Coach Austin – calling out the B.S.


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