This week we received a very exciting parcel ℅ Robin, overlord of Coaching for Geeks, from the folks over at Threads. 

In case you are wondering what on earth a Threads box is, well: Threads is a monthly T-shirt subscription service with a little something extra. Only that little, is not so little! You get a T-shirt and a graphic novel to peruse as well!

For the sake of clarification we had two months worth of boxes neatly nestled in our parcel. So two graphic novels and two T-shirts. 

First: The T-shirts

So the first T-shirt is a black shirt with a printed design on the front of a dinosaur shooting lasers from its head. Rad right? It feels a good high quality shirt. It doesn’t feel cheap and like it won’t last in the washing machine which is always a bonus! If you are a fan of laser dinos you’d be super amped about this tee. 

T shirt exclusive dinosaur shooting lasers

The second T-shirt, I have to admit I was less excited about. It is another heavily printed graphic black T-shirt but with a Full Metal Jacket motif. If you are a fan of the film, it is certainly an interesting design, that I’ve not seen before. However, if you aren’t a fan of the film, it would be a bit disappointing to receive this. But, that is the gamble with any loot box!

Again, the T-shirt was of a high quality material and the print was clear and bold. The designs of the Threads T-shirts are certainly original and they take care in the production of these garments. 

Second: The Graphic Novels

The first graphic novel was a HUGE novel, I feel sorry for the postman for having to carry that round. It is from the DC Showcase series and it is The Great Disaster Featuring The Atomic Knights. This is a collector edition by a variety of different creators and includes stories with Hercules and of course The Atomic Knights, and even Superman! 

This is a beautiful collection full of original style black and white comic strips. However, it may not be to everyone’s taste. 

The second graphic novel from Threads was Effigy, published by Vertigo by Tim Seeley (Batman Eternal, nightwing) and Marley Zarcone (Justice League vol 2). Effigy is the tale of Chondra Jackson, a rookie cop who used to be the star of a child friendly sci-fi TV show. It is a twisting tale concerend with murder, celebrities and obsession. 

Effigy, published by Vertigo by Tim Seeley (Batman Eternal, nightwing) and Marley Zarcone (Justice League vol 2).

This is a full colour graphic novel, which is more likely to be accessible to a bigger audience. Though from these two graphic novels, I would say that Threads is certainly aimed at teens and up.

Threads: The Verdict

Threads is one of the more high quality loot crate/ subscription box services that I have opened. It is not filled with items of little value/ interest.

However, it could be very hit and miss, if you are uninterested with the genres/ styles/ themes of the graphic novel within, it would be easy to feel a bit put out. 

I would certainly be more inclined to order a Threads box on a pay-as-you-go kinda deal if we were given a heads up on the theme or the genre of that months goodies! 

On the other hand, if you were looking for a pretty unique gift idea for a comic fan, a few month’s or a year’s subscription of Threads would make a great gift!

By Heather Tinsley

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