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The Coaching for Geeks Show returns! And what better way to celebrate Season 2 than with terrible heroes who got picked last for adventuring.


You can listen in here or head over to our new home on  Radio Public, or the old favourites of iTunes, Spotify, or most places that have podcasts. Not Stitcher though because they still suck at sorting our account out – IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS STITCHER.

Sorry, on with the show notes!

Jamie Noble Frier, AKA The Noble Artist, joins CfG Robin Bates to talk of Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails which is currently in its final week on Kickstarter.

From digital artist to game designer, Jamie has worked on novels, boardgames and even League of Legends has seen output from his digital quill.

Now his focus has turned to creating a board game of his own – and what a game it’s shaping up to be. A humorous card game of dysfunctional dungeon crawling for 2-4 players. Light-hearted humour meets surprisingly deep strategy in Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails.

Find out more about the Kickstarter journey, game design, and Jamie even offers up his help and advice to anyone who wants it in the CfG Facebook group.

Since we recorded the Kickstarter campaign has gone live, smashing through it’s target in a matter of hours. Get on board now and fund Hero Master while you still can!


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Hero Master Kickstarter – seriously there’s a week left and this game is going to be great!

The Noble Artist website

Hero Master Facebook community

The Noble Artist on Instagram


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Coaching for Geeks – we’re back, and we mean business.


Robin Bates – picked second to last for football


We first encountered Jamie at UK Games Expo

Want to become a hero of roleplaying? GM Radio Rob has got you covered fam

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