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Don’t get overwhelmed, we have a lot of stuff going on. 

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What’s actually next?

Ah yes, some pointers for what to do next.

You can have a browse around the site for our courses, podcast, blog, convention pics/interviews/guides and we can point you right at them.

The Facebook Gang

We’ve grown a great community over on Facebook – the coaches turn up daily, our mod team have their own areas of expertise, and everyone’s there to help each other out.

We play games online, meet up IRL,  guest challengers show up, we talk goals, fitness, dating, life, love, cosplay, gaming, conventions, scifi, cartoons, superheroes, psychology, wellbeing, we do live chats. It’s the place to geek among friends and get stuff done. 

The Podcast

Our iTunes UK #1 US#7 Hobbies and Games Chart podcast. It’s also available everywhere else.

We just hit episode 30. Our baby is all grown up and covers adult topics.

The Blog

Handling anxiety? Writing a book? Reviews of Harry Potter themed live action games? Lies about love from Hollywood? Worries you creep people out at the gym?

Our coaches and guest bloggers have got you covered.


Our newest area of work is the ultimate convention survival guide.

Planning, fitness, etiquette, hygiene, cosplay, queuing, meeting your heroes, socialising, eating, avoiding con flu, and much more.

It’s not ready yet.

But you can check out the cosplay pics and celeb interviews right now!

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Let’s get geekily awesome!

Oh yes, do read the guide, we spent quite a lot of money on it.