Friends of CfG

We have a lot of friends

Not bragging, we’ve just been around a while and have an awesome community of geeks, nerds, weirdos, beardos, insiders, outsiders, inbetweeners, and more.

When you’ve been around the block a few times you make a few friends and we want to show off their work.

We have podcasters, YouTubers, crafters, streamers, comedians, game designers, roleplayers, graphic artists, hell artists of all kinds. Show them some love – not in a weird way.


Yes. This page is a bit ramshackle, we'll sort it out later!


Destai Viking Metal - Victoria makes AWESOME chainmail jewelry for the metalhead/indiekid/viking in your life.



The Jeff and Dan Show - Weekly live NSFW podcast. Two stoners share their often hilarious, often surprisingly deep, non-PC opinions on the state of the modern world. From hurricanes to banking. First podcasters to give the show a proper shout out, cheers guys!



Special Effect is an amazing charity which enables gamers with disabilities of all kinds to play again. Really important work, giving some independance and fun back to people who need a bit more of that in their lives. We had them on the podcast and will be supporting GameBlast18.  


Amanda Actually is Amanda Conley's brilliant blog. She's a regular guest on the podcast and participant in the CfG group. Her blog covers geek culture, cosplay, speaking at cons, mental health, ethics, dealing with mice and whatever else comes to her eloquent mind. 



Gravity Boots is out on iOS and Android, November 2017. Run. Jump. Break Physics.

It's by Jedd Goble who wrote a guest blog on how he gets stuff done by Block Journaling (if it's not there wait until October 30th when it goes live).




Broken Heroes by Heather Ness header
 Heather Ness, Professor of Psychology at Middle Georgia State University has appeared on the podcast and wrote a guest blog - soon at

She has an awesome blog and podcast both on her specialist topic of the psychology of superheroes.

She wrote a book. Go and buy it.


Emma Spalding is brilliant and runs new indie gaming site - Projekt Indie. This is one to bookmark and keep an eye on. Emma has an eye for great games, and getting interviews with brilliant people.

Expect big things from Projekt Indie in the not-so-distant future.