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The Coaches

Robin Bates

Robin is an award-winning coach and licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Integral Eye Movement Therapy and was once described as a “mind wizard”.

His passion, beyond Nintendo, Steven Universe, and table top roleplaying games, is in empowering geeks and nerds to get more satisfaction from life; having once been a shy boy who fell behind himself, he understands the challenges of getting ahead in the world.

His Coaching for Geeks c-c-c-combo approach of online programmes with 1-2-1 coaching and change work (to unfuck your mind if you have mental blocks, like the long piece in Tetris) has resulted in numerous geeks gaining XP, levelling up, finding their purpose, getting new jobs, starting businesses, taking that trip, finding their voice, filling their heart containers, and saving the princess*.

Robin also speaks at events, runs workshops, webinars, and does his best to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers.

*OK so just Princess Zelda but she’s still royalty


I go by Coach Austin and I love what I do, which is inspiring and motivating people to surpass their own expectations! With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry I have worked with clients across the spectrum, from NFL and UFC athletes to the Silicon Valley Corporate weekend warrior.

My background at a glance

-Men’s Health Fitness Council Contributor 2017

-Top 10 Personal Trainer to Watch in the World by Life Fitness in 2014 out of 1,700+ nominees from 43 countries.

-BS in Kinesiology from San Jose State University.

-United States Powerlifting Association Coach.

-Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

-Assisted Joe Grasso with Cain Velasquez’s strength program for UFC 160.

-Established and managed health and wellness programs for fortune 500 companies across Silicon Valley.

-Strength and Conditioning Intern for the Oakland Raiders for two seasons under Hall of Fame Strength Coach Brad Roll.

-Specialize in Powerlifting, Kettlebell, Barbell, and Kickboxing (Sanshou) training.

-Big Disney fan.

Rami the Gutsy Geek

Rami is an award-winning dating expert, speaker and writer, specialising in dating coaching for geeks and gamers. Once a single and lonely geek, Rami was so hopeless with women he considered marrying his Playstation. He instead embarked on a peril-filled journey through the dating world, and came out with a method that gave him lots of confidence, success with women, and a wonderful girlfriend. He teaches this method to geeks, because no one deserves to be alone (unless they cheat at video games, then Cthulhu can have them). When he’s not coaching, he’s writing a bestselling sci-fi novel and playing Tekken competitively.

Kurtis Kehoe

Kurtis is a graphic tee shirt designer and found himself divorced, with three kids, in his thirties. When this single dad caught a glimpse of his shaggy bearded, pot bellied, Dorito-stained self in the mirror he decided to make a change.

He worked on himself physically and mentally. He relearned dating in the smartphone age. And now as The Online Dating Dad, he’s creating The ODD Way of Dating to share his story of respawning and getting back into dating in his thirties.

It worked for him (his sickeningly cute relationship with his partner of over 2 years is testament to that) and his approach will work for you too.

Working with men and women alike, Kurtis specialises in working on yourself first and overcoming any traumas, to get you back in the dating game.

Kurtis Kehoe dating coach

Regular Contributors

Amanda Leek – Content Manager




I’m Amanda, a slightly over enthusiastic content marketing person. I make the blog and website run so the expertise of coaches and guests shines across the web (everyone is an expert in something).

I like words and get geeky over those (Bananagram, anyone?). But my other weakness is table top and card games. Surprisingly, I haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons – I may have joined CfG in the hope someone would invite me. But when I got into CfG, I have found a supportive and wonderful group that has really helped me bring out the best in me when I needed it the most.

Away from here, I write and draw in different places, such as my blog Coin Phrases.


Robert house – Geek Health

My name is Robert House and I am an operating department practitioner by trade but a geek for life. Work wise, I have been working as an ODP for a few years and teach the new students who embark on the same career than no one has heard of, like I did. I specialise as an anaesthetics ODP but have taught surgical recovery and am trained to scrub up and get my hands messy with the surgeon as well. I also have 14 years experience volunteering in mental health and support groups/counselling. Other than my ODP qualification I have studied sports science and done some personal training work, not enough gore for me though 🙂

Personal life I am a single dad to my 2 amazing daughters who are already epic little geeks in there own way. Nintendo fanboy and amiibo purchaser, manga and anime consumer, frequent film watcher, science and critical thinking enthusiast, softball hitter and runner and award winning Tchoukball player (don't worry, no one else has heard of it either).

I hope to help spread some light and awareness on some common and not so common physical medical conditions with a dabble into some of the psychological too.

Dr Kristin Brynteson – Gamification and STEM

Hi Folks! Dr. Kristin Brynteson here to share with you some wisdoms and life lessons. I’m a former industrial engineer turned professional photographer/business owner who made the switch to higher education. Now I spend my days designing workshops and activities to help teachers become fearless with technology, gamify their classrooms and explore learning strategies in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

I’m mom and cheerleader of two semi-adult college students and wife and partner in crime to one husband. I’m a master of reinvention, lover of books, and obsessor of pop-culture, sci-fi, steampunk, and unicorns. All of the above influence my approach on life, love, and learning. You can find me online as HotPinkTech where I blog about tech in education (and whatever else the universe moves me to write about).

You can also listen to me and my co-host interview interesting folks on the STEM Read podcast.

Rob Farquhar – Roleplaying Games

By day, I'm a customer service manager for an online software services company. By night - and morning - and weekend and lunch break - I'm GM Radio Rob, podcaster, writer, voice talent and, most importantly, game master of tabletop roleplaying games! I've been into the hobby since I was in my early teens but feel like I'm only now getting into the swing of it.

For five years I was the host, producer and promoter of The Paid to Play Podcast, a show where I chatted with folks who make incomes from what they love doing. After that, my next project was Only In Death, an actual play podcast where four friends and I played Deathwatch, the Space Marine-focused RPG in the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay line.

Now, I’m here to help folks add more points to their GM and/or player variable power pools and maybe even work out how to make RPGs their main thing! You can find my stuff at


The Mod Team

Victoria Sol – Mod Prime

Victoria is the modly mod in the Coaching for Geeks Facebook group. She spends her time on the Book of Faces catching trolls, deleting spam and generally making a good environment for the members. When she’s not busy interior decorating the group, you can usually find her making chainmaille for her business Destai, or making music under the name Protean Sol.

She’s experienced at both, having started her maille business in 2013 and having been a proficient songwriter since her teens (which is, like, two decades ago now). Very slightly addicted to the internet, you can catch her all around the web on social media and she’s nearly always up for a chat!

Find her on for any maille related questions and queries, and for awesome music.

Liam Purkiss – D&D

Greetings. Liam Purkiss is the name, an open geek, and a lover of D&D. Which is what I handle here at CfG.

Dungeons & Dragons weekly posts, sharing things I love about the game, and tips and tricks for players and DM.

I sometimes get involved in the other things going on too! Got my own separate baby in the form of a YouTube channel called FURN Gaming, featuring yet more D&D. I said I loved it, right? And with help from Robin, and the group, I’ve grown the channel, and improved myself massively as a person.

Do come say hi.

And play some Dungeons and Dragons!