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Last week was a tough week. Changes are afoot for me, my living arrangements, the business, and more. After some of these changes my landlord ramped the rent up massively – the old me would have sulked, blamed the world, my current housemate for leaving, the landlords for being greedy, my employers for not paying me enough, anyone in the firing line would have received a healthy dose of blame.


That’s the old me. Current me doesn’t do that, well… I had a short sulk – coaches go in to unresourceful states too, but I didn’t stay there. Instead of dishing out blame, being at the effect of other people and their actions, I am the cause of my own reality and everything in it. This empowered me to take action – I saw 2 flats and negotiated the rent increase down to half – I have options instead of feeling stuck.

I invite you to shift your mindset and accept 100% responsibility for your own reality and to notice how it changes your view of events and gives you power and flexibility.

The classic example of this is someone who’s invested their money and their financial advisor has made some bad, terrible, choices, losing everything and leaving the individual in debt. They could get angry, blame the banks, blame the advisor, blame the market, blame city workers, blame the government… but where does that leave them? Pissed off, frustrated, angry, and no further towards solving the problem.

If they accept responsibility, 100% responsibility – and notice that this doesn’t mean blame, more being able to respond to the situation – then they’ll be ale to start taking steps, investigating options, making a plan to change things, take action and start to move out of that, rebuild, get their finances back on track. Sure, it’ll be hard, but being a victim won’t make things any easier.

And that’s what I’ve done. Is it resolved yet? Not quite. Do I have options available to me? Potentially 3 at the moment. Would I have had these options if I wasn’t the cause of my reality? Nope, I’d be stuck. And cross. And unresourceful. And worried.

Do I live my life at cause 100% of the time? Gosh no! I try, but it’s a big shift to make – amazing things have happened since I embraced it and I encourage and invite you to try it too. You can fill your life with possibilities and lose any fear of failure.

I’m always happy to have a chat about these things, feel free to leave a comment, hit me up on twitter @coachinggeeks or drop me an email robin@

Have an amazing week, one full of flexibility, options, and the power to take action.

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