Success Stories

Success stories

Robin’s insight, guidance and thoughtful, structured activities have had a huge impact on building my new business – and I thank him for such a fantastic experience! The early stages of a start up are famously fraught with challenges, and Robin has helped me visualise success and create reasonable, relevant and actionable plans for the future.

His methods helped me understand my long term goals, alongside teaching clever techniques to combat stress and anxiety in the here and now – both of which have had a significant impact on my life. As a result I’m very eager for him to work with my colleagues in 2016, to align our expectations and help us work collaboratively.

Liz Founding Partner, ice cream

I had reached a point in my career where I felt stuck between my existing company and wanting to work for a supplier with a strong relationship with my employer. I was struggling with the fear of upsetting people and was giving up a potential career opportunity to make other people happy and maintain a smooth working environment.

I felt trapped and was unhappy with the point I had brought myself to. This is where Robin came to my rescue. We had a fantastic hour long session and with calm and reassuring coaching. Robin helped me clear away the obstacles in my path and relieved the fears I had. We set realistic and achievable goals and Robin caught up with me at each point.

I’m now in an amazing new job, learning and growing. Not only did Robin help coach me through a difficult change, but he left me with the tools to alleviate my own fears, to put my own happiness first and how to not sweat the small stuff.


I met with Robin once regarding my fear of heights. I had no idea where it stemmed from and it was at a point where I couldn’t even cross a footbridge at a train station, or walk on the top floor of a shopping centre without staying as far from the edges as possible. In London that’s a problem. As an adult that’s a problem.

When we met Robin tested me, but never made me feel uncomfortable or uneasy, and at the start of the session my fear was around a 7 or 8 out of 10, after which it had dropped to a 4. Testing this on the balcony proved that immediately.

I feel like this is a massive step towards me curing a life long phobia and eventually (maybe with a few more sessions with you- I’d definitely come back) that 4 can finally drop to down to a 0.

But there’s no more avoiding bridges, panic, queasiness, or clinging onto the shop fronts at shopping malls because the height makes me feel uneasy.

Thanks once again!


I had struggled with the fear of flying for many years. This caused me to have anxiety even at the thought of taking a plane and several times I would struggle to book tickets for journeys. I would even have difficulty watching planes on TV.

I met with Robin to discuss this issue. Through the session we worked on the fear through a guided visualisation process. Robin was very supportive and he helped me to overcome my fears in a calm and relaxed environment.
Immediately after the session I could see the benefits. I was able to watch videos of planes without anxiety. The thought of going on a plane does not distress me and even several months after the session watching planes on TV does not cause me to have anxiety like it did before.

Robin has helped me overcome a large barrier and deal with my phobia.

Seeing the changes in my stress levels, I am looking forward to taking a flight on my next holiday!


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