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Today’s post is a short one!

When I was single and lonely, Friday nights were the beginning of my weekend gaming binge. I’d get some junk food, usually starting with KFC, and start playing games as soon as I got home from work. The weekend would vanish, and suddenly it’s Sunday evening.

My house would be a mess, leftover burgers and fries everywhere, I’d be sick of junk food and desperately craving a vegetable, tired from the late night “one more match” traps until 5am, and essentially would need Monday to recover from my weekend of gaming and debauchery. Way more fun than going out for me, but terribly unhealthy nonetheless.

The worst part was, I’d be exhausted, and didn’t use any of that weekend time to meet someone new.

He’s totally telling you what to do

Listen, I’m not going to tell you geeks not to game over the weekend (what are we, dirty peasants that don’t understand that games=life?). I usually spend all Saturday gaming with the boys, from noon to 8pm.

But I will say this: try to spend some time with other humans as well.

If you’re going to game, spend a couple of hours gaming with friends.

If someone invites you to a party, take a break from gaming for a few hours and go to that party.

And if you’re REALLY NOT INTERESTED in leaving your house, make sure you set up a dating app account, and swipe right a couple of times between games.

Go outside

Whatever you do, try to meet some other humans. It will increase your odds (duh) of meeting one particular human that you’ll like more than others.

Because, you know, life is better with company.

Rami’s month of love means I’ve reopened the Level Up Your Dating course!

It’s been upgraded and tweaked and is way more awesome than ever before. But it’s only available during my month of love, which means the doors close on November 30th.

I don’t know when we’ll reopen it again (Mid-2018 – Robin, CfG boss), so get in there and get started on it ASAP.


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