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Brilliant episode of the podcast today, and only recorded yesterday!

Coach Robin met with Mark Saville of SpecialEffect to talk gaming. Not just gaming, but gaming with disabilities – SpecialEffect create bespoke solutions for gamers who are no longer able to use traditional input devices.

From tongue depressors, to eyegaze tracking, via joysticks of all kinds. 

They do phenomenal work empowering people to get some of their leisure time back, their families and carers to get some time off, and bring people together, playing and gaming and having more fun.

Coming up on Friday 29th September is One Special Day where lots of developers and publishers will donate 10% of their proceeds towards SpecialEffect so go and have a look, see what’s coming up, and get some great games for a phenomenal cause.

There are loads of ways you can support SpecialEffect and awareness is key, so have a listen, check them out, see how you can help, and also come and join us in the Facebook group as we begin plans to support their charity gaming marathon – GameBlast18.

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