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So you’ve arrived at a comic con, now what?

So you have arrived at comic con, you have  got your wrist band and just entered the exhibition hall, what are you going to do now?

At MCM Comic Con there’s loads for you to do that will guarantee that you will keep you busy all day including that of panels, signings, shopping, photo ops, gaming and so much more.

So here’s my recommendations for what to do during your time at comic con .


Look around the exhibition hall

This may sound like a obvious thing to do at comic con but seriously, invest a good couple of hours going round the exhibition hall and really go look around at all the stalls.  There is so much variety in stalls at comic con in fact many often get missed because people just walk straight past them.

While majority of stalls do focus on selling mainstream items such as Funko pops, soft toys, sweets and nick nacks,  there are many stalls that sell more unique items and collectables ( including limited edition items ) .

These more unique items often are  made by small businesses such as Fireflyarts which specialize in  limited edition laser engraved hard wood posters  from a variety of shows . Harpys, which hand make a variety of geeky accessories such as necklaces, badges and stickers. Scentopia which offer a range of uniquely named and designed bubble baths, room sprays and candles with both an Alice in Wonderland and their fantasy range.

A photo of Scentopia’s  stall front- Photo credit : scentopia

A photo of Scentopia’s  stall front- Photo credit : scentopia

Visit The Comic Village

If you’re a comic fan or love buying artwork, comic village will be your little slice of heaven. The Comic Village is full of artists who design and their own comics and special characters.   These artists sell pre-drawn art they have created, however many do take request and may draw your favorite character or you in their own unique art style, meaning the art you walk away with will be one of a kind!

Visit a Panel

Across the day there are many panels held at the various stages. These panels are often done by the guests that attend the event. Panels allow you to not only learn a little a bit more about a certain guest or topic, in some cases there are opportunities to ask your own person question to the guests on stage. The best thing about attending a panel is that you get a opportunity to sit down and rest your feet, because let’s be honest its very likely your feet will hurt because of all the exploring you have already done.

Photo from a Panel at the MCM Live Stage, photo credit Liam Simmons.

Stop by the autograph and photo area

The autograph area, in my opinion is honestly one of the best places to stop by a when visiting comic con. In the autograph area you can queue to meet a guest and collect their autograph for a small fee which varies from guest to guest (on rare occasions some guests will sign for free).  When you meet the guest you will be able to choose a photo to be signed with the option to have it personalized to you or a friend. When you’re having your photo signed it is the perfect time have a brief chat with the guest.

Alternatively if you’re your wanting to capture the moment of meeting your favorite guest then you can pay for a professional photo to be taken of you and your chosen guest for a fee.

A Photo of Donnie Yen at the signing area meeting a fan

A Photo of Donnie Yen at the signing area meeting a fan

Stop by the Gaming booths

At comic con you will often find that there are games companies that attend, many which have game demos available. The demos are usually of games that haven’t even been released yet! So why not grab the chance to play it before release? Nintendo, Sony and PlayStation have attended comic con in the past offering the chance to play games such as Kingdom Hearts 3 and Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Some Game companies will even hold tournaments at their booths, this year at MCM Birmingham Comic Con the Splatoon 2 Championship 2018  Grand Final took place. Here’s a peek at the action from the Nintendo booth.


Stop by the prop replica photo area

There are many prop replicas which stop by at comic con the most common is of course the iron throne from The Iron Throne Experience. They bring a variety of prop replicas including the iron throne which for a very small fee you can sit on the game of thrones chair and have your photo taken on it in your outfit of choice . In many cases people who cosplay from game of thrones have been given the opportunity to pose on the throne with another show prop. In many cases individuals who are dressed from characters of the show may be offered the change to pose with an additional prop from their collection.

There are also free prop photo areas where you can pose with prop replicas such as Daryl Dixon’s bike (from the Walking Dead) and Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir!


Those are just some of my recommendations of what to do when attending MCM Comic Con but of course there is so much more you can do if your willing to explore comic con in all its glory!

Signing off as Alice Isted, a fellow comic con addict!

Check out my page Arisu Cosplay  to keep up to date with what I’m doing and when my next comic con will be!


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