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Make 2018 ANY year your year – Goal Setting

Alright, I can hear some of you groan from here.

It’s important. How will you know you got what you want if you don’t set what you want? Like REALLY specifically.

SMARTER fucking goals for the win.

Yes, it’s SMART goal time.

S is for specific.

The more specific the better. One of mine, before I was set up, was “It’s 8:30AM the 15th February 2015 and I am screwing the bronze nameplate onto my door that says ‘Robin Bates Life Coaching’. It’s a crisp morning, one of those February days where it’s still a bit grey, but enough sunlight peeps through the clouds, producing a glint on the nameplate.  I can hear the birds tweeting, the busses and cars going past, and kids heading to school.

My site goes live and I check it is working on IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and have a friend check outside of my premises and on PC rather than Mac. I check it works on iPad.

This went on…

Why so specific and detailed? By fully visualizing what you’ll see, hear, do, and feel, you make it more real. You can get a grasp on what it’ll actually be like to achieve and go into the future in your mind, making it more real, getting buy in from your unconscious  and making sure it wants it too.


M – Measurable

You need to be able to check your progress. That’s all it is. I knew I was working to wards the goal above by training, by registering my business, by developing a website, by doing the things I’d figured I needed to do to get there (and all the things I hadn’t figured but needed to do too)

M – Meaningful


It’s got to mean something to you. YOUR goal, for you and your benefit. Sure, you can set wishy washy goals that don’t mean that much but that’s hardly kicking 2018’s face off now is it?

A – Achievable

I’m sorry, you ain’t gonna be the first person on the moon. That’s not achievable. Set something that stretches you, is scary, is hard, but don’t set yourself up for failure.

R – Relevant

It’s gotta be relevant to what you want. I could set a goal about eating a large number of carrots but that doesn’t really help me or my business grow. If I REALLY wanted to be in the Guinness Book of Records for carrot eating then sure, maybe become a Bugs Bunny impersonator… But it won’t help me or Coaching for Geeks, or our clients or followers, in any meaningful way.

T – Timed

Set a time limit or it’ll juts hang around and never get done.  Set an EXACT and SPECIFIC Date. I will do X by DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY for our stateside chums.

You can break your goal down into chunks – 3 month intervals seem to work brilliantly. I did not know why.

E – Ecological

Is this an ecologically sound goal? I don’t mean that it doesn’t contribute to deforestation or leave a massive carbon footprint (remember when you couldn’t move for carbon footprints?), but how will it affect you when you achieve it?

How will it affect those you are close to? Your partner? Your children? Your friends?

If it’s not ecologically sounds and is going to fuck them up, you’ll self-sabotage and won’t achieve it. Not ecological? Needs a rethink.


R – Review

Review your progress. See what’s working. See what’s not. See what needs to change. If you keep doing the same stuff and aren’t getting anywhere, you’ve gone wrong and can readjust. YEAH ANOTHER R – Readjust. (Not Another M, no-one needs another Another M)


Right. That’s goal setting.



Like your proper big goals. SMARTER goals. Goals that matter. 


We can help them happen.


Robin Bates


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