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In 2018 there was a huge movement to save Shadowhunters from the axe…

Alice Isted investigates what made #saveshadowhunters a global phenomenon.

What is Shadowhunters?

Shadowhunters is an adult fantasy tv show based on Cassandra Clare’s best seller book series “The Mortal Instruments”.  Shadowhunters follows a group of half human, half angel warriors protecting their world by hunting down demons. In the Shadowhunter world all the legends are true meaning that there are vampires, warlocks, werewolves and fae within the series.  However, there are ominous threats at every turn, meaning the Shadowhunters must always been on their guard and ready for anything to keep the darkness at bay.


Promotional shadowhunters photo from free form

So how did #saveshadowhunters come about?

Shadowhunters first aired on January 12th 2016 in the US and instantly gathered a following, which only grew as the episodes progressed. On June 5th 2018 the Shadowhunter fandom was given the news the news that the show would not receive a 4th season. Understandably Shadowhunters across the world were devastated.

After seeing the success of series such as Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine being picked up after fans gathered in their numbers to try the show, Shadowhunter fans across the globe took to the internet to petition to save the show and to date has gained over 163,000 signatures. Fans also took to social media expressing their feelings of the show being cancelled and adding the hashtag “#Saveshadowhunters’ which resulted on it trending across multiple platforms.

What happened with Shadowhunters after the hashtag?

After the hashtag trended across multiple platforms, Shadowhunters fans adopted it and used the hashtag in a variety of unexpected ways.

As of January 2019, Shadowhunters fans using the hashtag have accomplished;


shadowhunters banner

Photo of the banner which flew over Netflix LA HQ , photo from @nephilimupdates on twitter




  • A giant banner in Buenos Aires, Argentina.).
  • Fans marched with a #SaveShadowhunters banner in Brazil.
  • Fans campaigned at NYCC 2018 with a video ad playing on the Ferry next to New York Comic Con, as well as swag giveaways for fans and attendees. 

How did the cast of Shadowhunters react?

In an interview at MCM Comic Con London with Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis), Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle Lightwood), Jade Hassouné (for Brick Mansions) and Chai Hansen (Jordan Kyle) they spoke about how they were honoured and touched by the way that fans across the globe have come together to make long lasting friendships and a loving community which is hard to do in a world which is so divided.

They were also amazed at the growth of the campaign and how it international, spreading to the London busses and South Korea subway billboards which Jade Hassouné actually found in person and shared on his  Instagram!



In an interview with TV Guide some of the cast members were asked about their opinion of the campaign and this is what they had to say.

Alberto Rosende (Simon)  It’s really a gift when you’re a part of something that affects people the way that it’s affected the group of people that are pushing the #SaveShadowhunters agenda.”

Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle): “They’ve really gone way beyond with everything they’ve done… the billboards and Times Square and Comic-Con and flying a freaking plane around Netflix headquarters and Freeform and Disney.”

Dominic Sherwood (Jace): “…the most gratifying and most heart warming feeling I get is when that money is transferred to a charity in the name of Shadowhunters…”

Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus): “The beauty is that they have this beautiful story that amounts to like 56 episodes or something like that, of being able to go back to it and relive those moments that a lot of these fans have expressed to us have helped them so much with their own personal lives, whether it be their sexuality or their confidence.”

Matthew Daddario (Alec): “The charity efforts are really good, because it’s not just selfish, it’s not just, “We want our show back,”.”

Katherine McNamara (Clary): “It’s been the biggest comfort in a time that’s been kind of shocking and very interesting… having the fans still care so much…“


What will happen as a result of the #saveshadowhunters campaign?

The truth is, who knows?

While #saveshadowhunters is still being shared across social media, and the stars continue to attend Comic Cons around the world, there are currently no plans from freeform or Netflix to continue the series… but there will always be hope that the series will be picked up by another company. Perhaps a spin off series will be arranged but for now the future of Shadowhunters is uncertain. However the acts of the campaign have definitely not gone unnoticed by the cast and the rest of the world.

No matter what the outcome of #saveshadowhunters, the fans will always have a beloved show that has led to such a tight knit loving fandom. People across the globe have formed long term friendships which many call their family and most importantly the fans are just proof that people across the world can and will pull together if there is something, they are passionate about and believe is worth fighting for.


Altogether now… #saveshadowhunters

Article written by Alice Isted from RoseLilyCosplay – your average nerd , cosplayer and most importantly Shadowhunters fan.


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