Games games games! We’re looking for a good time. Games games games! Get ready for my love (at EGX 2018).

No, I am not Sabrina, but I did head to EGX 2018 at the beautiful National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK and these are my top 7 games of the show.

Please remember that I love indie games, and you’ll find no Metro Exodus here, with that said here are my games of EGX 2018!


In Development

I LOVE local multiplayer and Kitchen Imps drew me in with its bright colours and 4 controllers. It won me over with its paint-based platforming. Yes, it bears comparison with Splatoon, and this knockabout platformer from M!schief Games is part of the Tranzfuser talent development programme.

I played a short level, unsurprisingly set in a kitchen where up to 4 players ran, jumped, and sprayed toasters and other kitchen bits and bobs with paint to claim them for the win.

Sadly it didn’t win Tranzfuser 2018 but I hope it gets made into a full game and it would find a perfect home on the Switch. HEY NINTENDO. PICK THIS ONE UP.

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Speaking of Nintendo…


Bumblebear Games / Liquidbit
Switch, PC

Originally taking the form of a 10-player arcade game, Killer Queen saw players split into two teams to achieve one of three objectives; ride the snail god home, fill the hive with nectar, or triple assassinate the opposition’s queen.

Killer Queen Black slims the player count down to 8, for Nintendo Switch and Steam, and adds in online multiplayer.

I got annihilated playing this, but had a great time losing. With one player taking the powerful queen role, and the remaining drones having multiple ways to win, this is chaotic couch gaming at its best.

A secen from forthcoming vidoegame Killer Queen Black for Nintendo Switch and Steam

Reminiscent of the classic multiplayer Towerfall, crossed with Joust, this is set to create a shouty, beer and pizza fuelled day with my friends. Just don’t let me be the queen, I will die, and the nectar and snail will mean nothing and WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY WITH ME WHEN YOU DIDN’T TRY AND RIDE THE SNAIL HOME.

Killer Queen Black is set for release on Steam and Nintendo Switch in Q1 of 2019


Shuangying ‘Shane’ Hou
In Development

Let’s get the obviously obvious comparison out of the way; like Papers Please meets Metal Slug, Obviously Inappropriate Content casts you as a newbie at a definitely not Russian game development studio. Tasked with playing ‘Ural Death Machine’, a 16bit style platform shooter, taking screenshots, and highlighting bugs or grassing up your friend for putting swears and boobs in the game, the player uncovers the story through emails and IMs.

Additional tasks are layered on and a certain amount of inappropriate content must be censored to gain trust from the government, while not causing too much trouble for the company. Finding a balance will lead to multiple endings, so this one will warrant multiple playthroughs.

Very much looking forward to seeing how this one plays out, I was left intrigued.

OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content is currently seeking funding for further development. Feels like a SONY thing. HEY PLAYSTATION, PICK THIS ONE UP!

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4: Soundfall

Drastic Games
Switch, PlayStation 4, XBox One, PC

Soundfall does not feature a theme song by Adele, but music is intertwined with the gameplay. A twin stick shooter/slasher, with the on the beat action of Crypt of the Necrodancer, this conjures up the feel of Bastion with music instead of the narrator.

Admittedly it was very late on Sunday when I played it, so everything felt like it could have been a bit tighter in terms of telegraphing what was happening on screen, but also I was very tired. Built in Unreal Engine, it’s certainly very pretty.

Soundfall attracted an audience all weekend and is a beautiful musical twin stick adventure by a team of ex-Epic Games staff.

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3: Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix
PlayStation 4, Xbox One

OH MY GOD IT’S ACTUALLY REAL. And what a beauty it is. Utterly bonkers, utterly beautiful, utterly Kingdom Hearts.

The demo I played featured the ToyBox world; Woody, Rex, Hamm and Buzz Lightyear welcomed action figure versions of Sora, Goofy, and Donald to their world; “Andy’s new toys!” exclaimed Woody, with Rex offering up as big a hug as his tiny arms could manage.

Cut scene, cut scene, cut scene. LET ME PLAY THE DAMN GAME WE’RE AGAINST THE CLOCK HERE. OK so they have a game in their world featuring a character called Yazora and that’s who Sora looks like. When I finally got to take control of Sora, (and quickly inverting the Y Axis) it was Kingdom Hearts through and through. Swift keyblade combos, D pad to select magic and summons, and Donald using all the fucking potions when they weren’t needed.

We headed out onto the roof for more fights with the Heartless, down onto the driveway, and onto Galaxy Toys where we encountered Xehanorts– Organization XIII is clearly up to no good and so it was time for a Gigas Vs Gigas battle… Bringing back memories of giant robot Impact from Goemon 64, the gigas wasn’t a highlight, but also was cut short by our time with Kingdom Hearts 3 coming to a close.

And not a Gummi ship in sight, hooray!

Kingdom Hearts 3 was glorious. Bring it on.

2: Wargroove


Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Look, it’s Advance Wars but with dogs in it. That’s pretty much all you need to know. And as we haven’t had an Advance Wars since Days of Ruin in 2008, it’s about bloody time we had an Advance Wars. Fortunately Chucklefish has stepped up, and Wargroove is already a solid turn based strategy game and has found its natural home on the Switch.

12 commanders each featuring their own story, online play, cooperative modes, a map editor.

It’s probably out soon. It’s going to do well. I will be terrible at it and I don’t care.

Follow Chucklefish on Twitter and keep up with development on the Wargroove blog.


Bit Loom Games
Published by Coatsink

No game made me smile at EGX like PHOGS! did. An unholy yet innocent mashup of Noby Noby Boy and CatDog (but with two dog ends), PHOGS! features a double headed dog, affected by physics, with the stretching capability of BOY from Noby Noby Boy (think Jake the Dog but can only get longer). PHYSICS DOGS!

A delightful physics puzzler, the PHOGS! demo had me swinging across gaps using the stretchiness of our hero (heroes?), using them as an impromptu garden hose with water going in one end and out the other (don’t think about it), and solving a surprising variety of puzzling situations.

I laughed, I found secret hats, I fell into space.

Also check out the brilliant twitter – blue dog is quite serious, while red dog IS EXCITED AND TALKS IN CAPS.

PHOGS! comes to probably everything in 2019.

And those are my picks from EGX 2018. BRING ON THE GAMES!

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