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Yo ho yo ho a podcast life for me – Robin guests on The Podcast Bay

Ahoy there m’hearties! Splice the mainsail and aim condenser mics (with pop filters) on the broadside for it’s time for some pirate themed podcastery!

Scott Doucet, captain of The Podcast Bay podcast, Facebook group, and coaching/training company invited me on his show to chat about my treasure and trash of the podcast world.

Find out how I destroyed our chart position by giving our listeners exactly what they wanted! Hear us nonchalantly discuss anal fisting! Learn why people, places, and things suck!

Scott’s a great host and I had a blast going through everything I’ve learned, taking a podcast from the bottom, right to the top and back down again, whilst continually growing our audience.

And if you want to start your own podcast, The Podcast Bay has you covered with training, a brilliant Facebook group, and of course, the weekly podcast.

Whether it’s getting started, admin, production, Scott and his team Cole Johnson, Airial Re’nal, and Kwame Corbett have got it covered.

Scott is not only the host of Podcast Bay and captain of the Podcast Bay Ship, but also is one fifth of RPG gaming podcast ‘Only in Death’’ so you know, he’s one of us.

You can listen in to my episode:

on Podible  or iTunes plus there are loads of other great guests too.

Scott also pops up (like a pop up pirate) in the CfG a Facebook group from time to time so do say hello to him, and if you’re not in the CfG Facebook group then we need to have words, for that is where we sort shit out on a daily basis.


Robin Bates – The worst pirate you’ve ever heard of (but you have heard of me…)


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