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“Sometimes it’s fun just to fail over and over”

Have you ever wanted to play a game where your ultimate aim is to find the funniest and most ludicrous way to fail in a quest?

Well if you have then Reventure is certainly the game for you.

Reventure is set in a fantasy world and completely parodies its 2D classic platformers such as Mario and Zelda. Zelda more than anything as your characters looks exactly like Link from the start with his green outfit and oversized green hat. You also get equipped with a Legend sword and legend shield right from the get-go like they do with the old Zelda games.

Your supposed goal in all of this game is pretty much like any other fantasy game. Save a princess and slay some beasts along the way. Whether you actually get to do those things is…well you’ll just have to play the game to find that out.

reventure game review coaching for geeks

As I mentioned earlier, the main quest of Reventure is to find the different endings to the game, which basically is, find the most ridiculous ways to fair as you venture through a maze of different levels.

This is a comedy game, and for me it was a real breath of fresh air and really had me in stitches a lot of the time. Especially when within the first minute I found myself tripping over a rock just outside my house knocking myself unconscious triggering ending number 1. It caught me off guard and certainly made me laugh. It was a nice slapstick moment that made me want to see what else the game had to offer.

The game is pretty simple and not exactly a hard game to master. But it does include some mechanics which are quite fun to use. You have a grapple which can boost you up the map, you can use a bomb to blast your way to the next section of the level and you can dig your way down to the earth’s core. It makes the player think about how to get around the map and play around with all the different mechanics to get to the next new area.

reventure game review coaching for geeks

The areas are all, once again, quite reminiscent of classic 2D platformers again, especially The Legend Of Zelda’s but there are also some really nice references to other games. My favourite, in particular, was an extremely steep mountain that had a strawberry with wings on it right at the top of the mountain. A clear as day reference to Celeste which was quite funny and nice to come across. It also made a nice dig at Celeste stating, ‘why on earth would you want to want to climb a massive mountain for a single strawberry’. It was things like this that made it a nice parody game and really added to the comic style. 

You always want to know how else you could possibly die or fail in this game

The further that the game goes on the more ridiculous the puzzles become. Some of the deaths are just completely out of the box and just make coming across them an exciting experience. You always want to know how else you could possibly die or fail in this game and I personally think it’s death ideas are really quite brilliant at times.

The game does feel like it drags after a while though. Especially due to the fact that every-time you die you have to go back to the very beginning and then try something new again. It sometimes feels like a bit of a chore to keep going back to previous areas and try new things. Some of the deaths as well felt a bit cheap and a bit of a let down compared to some of the others. Sometimes it would just be a case of “oops wrong lever, you die” which just wasn’t very inventive or comical in the slightest, it was just a bit annoying when you went all that way just to pull the wrong lever.

reventure game review coaching for geeks

The game will take you around about 5 hours to complete depending on how fast you are at games and how quickly you can figure out certain puzzles or obstacles. The game to me was really fun for the most part and had me laughing out loud a few times due to the ridiculous nature of the fails. I also really enjoyed how each death changed the character’s appearance. For example, if the character died in lava when they spawned again, they had a completely red face implying they were completely burnt. If they got crushed by something, they turned up completely in bandages and my favourite one of all was when you go into a big green pipe which we all recognize from playing Mario. When you respawn after this, your character is now wearing plumber gear from head to toe. It was these little moments that made me really smile and praise the game. 

The soundtrack sounds like a mash of a load of other games once again, from Pokemon to the Legend of Zelda, and they all seemed to be nicely referenced and played at appropriate times.

When it came to graphics however, it’s very, very stylised. Maybe a bit too stylised however, the pixel art style is nice for making the game look unique but for me, it was just a bit too pixelated. The game does make fun of how bad the graphics are but for me, it would have been a bit nicer to have a little bit more detail. Especially when in some buildings your character almost blends into the background making them hard to see if you stand still.

This isn’t a massive issue because this is a small indie game that wants to parody the old 2D platformers which didn’t have very good graphics themselves, but I would have preferred it if it had just a little bit more detail to the characters.

reventure game review coaching for geeks

Control-wise Reventure is so so simple.

On PC the only controls you need to know are W, A, S, D to move about, E to interact with objects and use your weapon, and space to jump. It is that simple to work out. Using items like the grapple meant you have to play around with timing your jumps and making sure the placement of the grapple was just right, but this game is really simple in its key-bindings that anyone can pick this game up and just have a laugh with it. 

Overall there isn’t much more to say about Reventure, it’s a nice simple 2D platformer that is extremely comical and really stands out as a good Zelda or Mario parody game. There are lots of comical moments to be had in the game and all-round its puzzles are quite enjoyable most of the play-though. The game is quite short but it felt like it was a nice length for this type of game. Some of the endings did feel a bit lacklustre compared to others, lacking the same level of humour, but most of my play-though I was laughing away and really enjoying the multiple endings the game has.

reventure game review coaching for geeks

Reventure is a unique game and for me is well worth picking up if you are looking for a simple comedy indie game. It has a lot of charm to it and it’s clear that the development team behind the game just wanted to have a lot of fun with it and just reference some of their favourite games. 

All-round Reventure is a nice short and fun experience that anyone can pick up and just relax to whilst also having a laugh at its absolutely ridiculous jokes and failures. For me, it was nice to fail in a game and be able to have a laugh at the ridiculousness of it, rather than getting annoyed at the reason why I failed.

Comedic death scenes.Replaying the same sections over and over can be tedious at times.
Easy to pick up and play.Pixelated graphical style can make certain objects hard to see.
Nods to other classic franchises.Deaths can sometimes feel a bit unfair.
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