Your fitness goals are yours – but you’ll need these three traits to achieve them.

In the 12+ years of being in this industry I’ve served hundreds if not thousands of clients achieve their fitness goals. I help people of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes become their fittest, healthiest selves and have the body they really want.


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This guy is working on his fitness goals. Are you?


The ones who have seen the MOST success in attaining their goals within a small amount of time had the following three traits:




They showed up. A lot. Several times a week minimum. Unless they were really sick they made sure to come in and do work. They made it a habit to watch their eating and record what they ate day in and day out. If there was no time in their day they made time. Whatever would happen they made sure they would just show up.


Higher Purpose


Striving for something for your own is one thing, however the most successful clients I’ve had were driven by an inner fire that was stoked and lit by someone else. Usually it was for a loved one or the idea to expand their social life. It was something outside of them that made them surpass their own expectations because they didn’t want to let others down.




Successful members knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. There were even those who had no patience at all but made themselves embrace the fact that change will happen slowly but surely as long as they didn’t stop and just trust the process. This was not an easy task, however those who saw mad results in a short amount of time were the ones who were the most patient.


Do you have what it takes to get the body you want and achieve your fitness goals?


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