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I quit!

Wait, Coach Austin, before you get going let’s tell people to come and join the awesome Facebook group, which they’ll never want to quit! – Robin

OK Now I quit!

What!? Why is Coach Austin talking about quitting gyms and health clubs? Shouldn’t he be pushing people to join them? The audacity!!!


Of course I want people to join gyms and health clubs, but people deserve quality service. In the past ten years there has been a spike in growth of new fitness facilities worldwide.

The saturation of the market has resulted in gyms that shouldn’t be representatives of our industry, because they’re in it for the wrong reasons.


Here are two main to quit your gym


Do you want to quit? Firewatch videogame

They Don’t Care


The only thing that matters to their business is dollar signs, nothing else. You can spend three hundred and sixty four days out of the year being a member without ever being acknowledged, even if you have issues regarding your membership or the gym itself.

It will only take that one day out of the year with an issue regarding your monthly payment process that will actually have one of their people reach out to you, promptly, without any delay!


I totally get that for any business it’s very important to stay on top of your finances, but if a gym can’t even say “Hi!” to you with a smile or even care about why you signed up in the first place your time and money is better spent somewhere else.


They Lack Passion


When you buy into a program the coaches who deliver the program should be passionate about it. When you take a class their energy should rub off on you through the enthusiasm they exude as they teach!

Even if you are not taking a class, the staff of the gym should be the epitome of positive energy and a source of inspiration and self improvement.

That is whom members will draw their drive and last bit of mental energy from when they come into the fitness facility.


If your current gym environment lacks that passion then you’re not being pushed to your truest potential and missing out on gains not only physically but mentally! The best way to better yourself as a person is to surround yourself in a passionate environment where your goal is shared by others.

If your gym doesn’t support you then go find one that does!

Coach Austin is the owner of Hyper Strength & Conditioning in San Jose, California (don’t quit his gym).

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