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Tabletop SimLinkTabletop Sim, Tabletop SimZelda, and Ganon have battled throughout time itself, but what of the psychology of The Legend of Zelda? what about the internal battles?

Friend of Coaching for Geeks, Heather Ness, and Nate, spoke on The Psychology of The Legend of Zelda at Anime Weekend Atlanta and we’ve got the video.


The Legend of Zelda Triforce on a Grey Wall


Not just the Psychology of The Legend of Zelda.

Cover of Broken Heroes: An Unofficial Guide to the Psychology and Trauma of Marvel's DefendersHeather Ness is a psychology professor and author of Broken Heroes: An Unofficial Guide to the Trauma and Psychology of Marvel’s Defenders.

(Available on Kindle and paperback.)

Robin Bates was really excited to chat with Heather on the Coaching for Geeks podcast dated 8 October 2016 to cover Marvel’s Defenders, the book, other superheroes and why most people couldn’t actually be Batman.

Sorry to shatter you Batdreams.


The Psychology of The Legend of Zelda.

OK, on with the video!

More Heather Ness.

If you want more from Heather hit the links to her book above, get her podcast Super-Psych in your ears, take a look at her blog.


Robin Bates – Wishes he looked good in a Link hat.


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