The Ultimate NERD Formula


Ultimate NERD has now closed for 2019.

I cannot express how excited I am about the ultimate NERD! You will learn everything you need to become the ultimate NERD, following the NERD formula


Emotions & Mindset


Daily Health 

With ultimate NERD you can –

  • Become more confident
  • Grow your network, comfortably without being an alpha arsehole.
  • Be more assertive
  • Get the most out of life
  • Progress your career or business
  • Connect and communicate with people confidently
  • Get set so that 2020 is your BEST YEAR EVER
  • Fly the ACTUAL Millenium Falcon (unconfirmed)

 4 weeks. 4 live webinars. 4 live Q&As. 3 guest expert bonus modules. 1 personalised action plan.

Get immediate access to The Ultimate NERD Formula for just £95.


I guess you’re wondering what makes me qualified to talk about coaching and mentoring? 

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT a university professor with degrees, diplomas and PHDs in the THEORY of this stuff coming out of my ears. 


But here’s what I AM –

First and foremost, I learned most of this stuff by living it.

You see, I’ve been exactly where you are now, and while I AM qualified to do what I do, pretty much everything I will teach you, I know because I’ve been there and done it, bought the collector’s edition T-Shirt, and, most importantly, come out the other side!

Now I run a successful coaching business and have been on stage at comic cons, expos, and spoken with professional development legends on webinars and more.

It’s your turn to step up and become an ultimate NERD!

Want even more info? Visit the course page or drop me a line.


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