Confidence Coaching Session


Achievement:Unlocked comes with one free 1-2-1 coaching session. Additional sessions may be purchased here.

Whether you’re lost in the world, know that there’s more out there, stuck in a rut, got a big goal and unsure how to get there, want to grow your business, nail social media, or have concerns or anxieties about any aspect of your life, we can help.

Robin is a trained life coach and is armed with questions, techniques, tools, and ideas to help you win at life.

He’s also been around the block a few times, a knows a thing or two about achieving more, having built Coaching for Geeks up from nothing, to the behemoth of coaching and podcasting that it is today.

Whether it’s job hunting, relationships, life satisfaction, rut unstuckery, or making that plan to go on the dream trip a reality – Robin can help.

A free coaching session comes with the Achievement:Unlocked – How to Achieve Anything Course, available for just £197. Treat yo self!



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