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Hello fellow geeks and welcome to December’s Coaching for Geeks Creator of the Month!

In this section we pick out one of our very own epic geeks to highlight the amazing creations they produce. We want to show the whole wide world just how cool, creative and outright geeky we are. So let’s dive into December’s artist, Victoria Sol.

Victoria Sol pic

R: Welcome Victoria, so let’s start with the basics, how are you known online?

V: Victoria Sol, Protean Sol, Victoria Stedje, “A rose by any other name…”

R: Ha ha so we have options then. What about your brand? Does that go under any other banner?

V: Destai, under which I have the following sub brands:

  • Destai Designs (chainmail – main brand)
  • Destai Entangled (macramé – secondary crafting brand)
  • Protean Sol (music)

R: Just a few fingers in a few pies then? So tell us what sort of things do you create?

V: My main business is creating chainmail jewellery and accessories, but I’m a total creative masochist and always have many irons in the fire. I also make macramé for the more boho-minded Vikings out there, and I’ve been writing and recording music since my mid-teens.

R: That sounds incredible. Why do you do it?

V: How could I not! I don’t know how to live without being creative, and I channel it into so many things. The chainmail is something I got into some years ago as a sort of “tangible” creativity, where I am able to make something, put myself into it, and have a real, physical object there at the end. That end product is very satisfying, in a sort of “I made this” kind of way. I love the challenges, I love the familiarity I get with the weaves, and I love how my pliers have become a second pair of hands over the years. It is an extremely repetitive yet meditative art, which I think, probably only suits those of us who are rather obsessive about things.


Moorish Rose Handflower

I am particularly proud of this piece as it’s made with one of the more advanced chainmail weaves. Each spiral is connected to every other spiral around it, woven through each ring separately. It took me a year and a half to master Moorish Rose, as this weave is known, and once I had I promptly made a big project for myself. This handflower is roughly two inches wide around the wrist, plus the triangle rising towards the fingers. It took AGES to finish. – Victoria Sol


R: I like that. Personal challenges are always good. Moving to a geekier angle, what kind of geek would you describe yourself as?

V: I’m a total nerd. I was a geek before it was cool. I was born in the mid-80s and learnt to read from comic books, started speaking a second language from watching Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles without dubbing or subtitles, and devoured anything written I would come across (including, more than once, the phone book!), be it science, recipes or fiction.

I’ve always been a science nerd, I started reading those popular science magazines (the real science ones, not the tabloid stuff) when I was around 6, and I’ve kept my interest in both “hard” and “soft” sciences going my whole life. I am absolutely fascinated with psychology, and why people behave the way they do. I suppose I’m a curious observer in the world, sort of like a child first learning about their surroundings except I never lost the inquisitiveness.

I also discovered computer and console games at a young age. We had, in chronological order, an Atari, Sega Mega Drive II, N64, and Sega Dreamcast. Somewhere in there we also found my parents’ old console that only played pong and whose controllers were little wheels on chunks of plastic to move the paddles up and down. I can’t remember what make that one was, though.

And computers! I am forever happy I discovered computers. The internet opened up a whole new world for this awkward, bullied kid without friends. From age 14 I spent hours online, chatting to people around the world. You know, back in the days of “chatrooms” and AOL.

And, you know, I like some sci-fi and some roleplaying games, and some fantasy and this and that, but I’ve never been a “mainstream geek” (if there is such a thing) and I’m ok with occupying my little corner of nerdom.

Thor's hammer necklace

This is a Mjölnir, a Thor’s Hammer. I love making this as it’s part of my heritage, being a Norwegian Viking and all.


R: A scientist geek after my own heart! YES! Ok, so now tell me, what is the geekiest thing you have ever created?

V: I once wrote a song about a depressive breakdown but framed it as a crash dump from a computer. I even put some binary lyrics in there.

Chainmail-wise though, probably my wrapped dice. I also handstamp bits of metal, and most of those are incredibly geeky. I have everything from ‘Om-nom-nomnivore’ through to ‘There’s Coffee In That Nebula’. Which is now doubly geeky, since the real life astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti tweeted the quote from space!

R: With that in mind, what is the geekiest thing you own?

V: Good question. Probably my umpteen thousand chainmail rings.

R: That will cover it. Ha ha. Moving on, who inspires you? Who’s a role model?

V: I have a few. I love Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) because he’s just all around awesome. Musically, I really look up to Darren Hayes (solo artist and former vocalist in Savage Garden) and Tuomas Holopainen (keyboardist and main songwriter in Nightwish). In chainmail, I want to be like Jen Martinez of Steampunk Garage when I grow up. She’s amazing, and I got to meet her when I went to the States this summer. She’s just as cool in real life.

Rainbow stretchies

My wristband stretchy bracelets, or “stretchies” as I call them, are one of my best sellers. The rainbow ones are definitely popular and they’re so much fun to make. I love working with rubber rings


R: I also love Ryan Reynolds. I assume everyone on Earth does right? Tell us all your top 3 facts all about you?

V: 1. I’m totally erratic and boringly predictive at the same time, depending on how well you know me.
2. I switch between acting and speaking like a teenager to a grown up at the click of the fingers, from ultra-casual to formal and back, with my mood.
3. I’m a total goth-geek but I love colours… just not on my clothes!

R: from fact to fantasy, you get one geeky wish, what is it?

V: I’d like to meet Jason Momoa and see if he’s as awesome in real life as he seems from all the videos.

…Is that geeky enough? I’d also like to visit Chernobyl, it’s one of my life goals, because I am utterly fascinated with radiation and the accident and the site of the power plant as well as the town of Pripyat have been on my list of obsessions for years.

R: I imagine one would be more popular than others in our community. Speaking of, what is your favourite thing about Coaching for Geeks?

V: The support! I love how amazing everyone is and how great the group is at giving advice and support when needed, and cracking the whip when that’s more the necessary action. Also, Robin is a superhero.

R: That he is, but who’s Batman? We may never know. Finally, how do we find you online?


V: – Main website and portal for all things Destai

Music stuff:
proto-website at

R: Perfect. Thank you for your time!

V: My pleasure

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