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Feed your Funko Pop addiction with Pop in a Box!

Pop! Vinyl delivered to your door.


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Subscription Funko Pop Delivery Service


From £9.99 but generally £12.99


 When they get it right, it should work brilliantly but a few questions hang over the service.



Get a Funko Pop delivered every month as long as your subscription continues by visiting Pop in a Box and placing your order.

What’s in the booooooox? Oh, it’s an ugly plastic doll.

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. Pop in a Box is not meant for me. I do not like Funko Pops.

*hands over geek card*

They strip away everything that makes a character unique and smushes them into a lump with drug-fucked eyes and yet, they are HUGELY POPULAR.

Out of step with the world once more, Bates.

I took one for the team and tried Pop In a Box for you. Generous to a fault, me.

OK so a Funko Pop is as a Funko Pop does. If you like Funko Pops ten this service is aimed right at you.

How does Pop in a Box work?

You create a list of Funko Pops you want by thumbing them up on the site. Any you don’t want? Thumb them down. The idea is you subscribe and every month you get a pop you want.

There are different categories to subscribe to; gaming, television, Marvel, Disney, animation, movies, heroes, sports, Harry Potter, and more.

I got one I didn’t want – I was annoyed. However some good news! I contacted them and they offered to replace it, free of charge. So extra points to Pop in a Box for that one.

With all those ranges maybe I misunderstood how it works, but it should be a simple process to get the ones you want.

If the service improves they'll easily earn an extra star.

Like most Hut Group services, cancelling is a bit of a pain as you have to log in to your account and send a message to the customer service team. Mine was done quickly and I received an email to confirm it.

They seem to be improving in this area and that is a very good thing.

When you're providing a subscription service the service aspect needs to be excellent. OK isn't good enough.


This one isn’t for me so it’s tough to review. If you like Funko Pops and want to go through and make them all as wants or don’t wants, then you’ll get something you want every single month.

Me though? I’ll spend my money on the Flavourly Craft Gin Club or LootCrate instead thanks.


The Good Stuff:
  • ​It does exactly what it says on the tin - you get a pop in a box each month

  • Regular deals and offers

  • Decent customer service for The Hut Group
The Bad Stuff:
  • ​Site is a bit confusing

  • I got something that wasn't on my list

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