The Coaching for Geeks Podcast

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We love doing the podcast; getting to chat about the stuff that's really important to us, and meeting notable geeks from boardgaming, automation, cosplay, roleplaying, theatre, and anyone we think is interesting.

You want psychologists, coaches, business leaders, inspirational speakers, healers - we got them too.

Want to change your life? Wondering where to start? Choose a topic and get stuck in!

Got something you want to talk about on the show? Email and let's get you on.

Want one of our coaches (Robin Bates, Austin Toloza, Rami the Gutsy Geek) for your show? We can talk geek culture, superheroes, gaming (Robin's a roleplayer, Rami's a competitive fighting gamer), personal development of all kinds! Drop us a line and we'll make it happen -

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