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Will is a D&D Sex Icon and the creator of the Twitch, YouTube and podcast channel Encounter Roleplay, specialising in live streams and podcasts of folks playing roleplaying games. The channel has built a reputation on a flavour of play where the player characters aren’t adventurers so much as desperate folk struggling to do right in harsh, relentless realms.

Encounter Roleplay has allowed Will to be self-employed for the past two years via Twitch affiliation, YouTube ad revenue and Patreon backing.


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Host: GM Radio Rob

Rob Farquhar is a podcaster, voice talent, writer and, most importantly, game master of tabletop roleplaying games. Previously hosted The Paid to Play Podcast, a career podcast about getting paid to do what you love doing, and Only In Death, an actual play podcast using Deathwatch, a roleplaying game in the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay line.



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