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That’s not Santa.

Paul Falnnery dressed as a Bard for the Christmas MMORPG Show Questmas

OK, This is the first hint of Christmas on the new site, and I’ll accept it, despite being a NO CHRISTMAS TILL DECEMBER grumpus.


Because we had the chance to catch up with Paul Flannery, the man behind Knightmare Live, The MMORPG Show, and an all-round decent chap. I first chatted with Paul back on the podcast on Episode 4, back in April 2017. How time flies! Let’s see what he’s up to, and if we can bag a discount for his latest show….

R is for Robin (that’s me) and P is for Paul (Flannery).


R- Paul Flannery! It’s been a while since we met in a London pub for a chat, and yet our paths have crossed many times over the course of the year… How are you keeping?

P – Hi, I’m good thanks. This part of the year has fewer shows in it but I’m seemingly no less busy. A lot of being and actor/performer means working up to six months in the future so I’m already starting to organise next summer, which feels odd when it’s cold outside.

Paul Flannery


R – What’s been your highlight of the year so far?

P – One of my highlights this year was the UK Games Expo (which you were at too), I got to play Pathfinder with Jason Bulmahn, the guy who basically writes Pathfinder. So nerdy cool!

R – Sweet! I payed Starfinder and had goblins throwing toilets full of grenades at me.

Jonathan Blazer and Jack Donavan wielding a glass of wine and a shotgun in Ghosts of Darkness

R – Ghosts of Darkness was a lot of fun. Are we going to see Jonathan Blazer back in action?

P – Jonathan Blazer is a lot of fun to play. He’s the subject of a new live show I’m writing which will be rolling out next year starting at the Vault Festival in March. It’s a mixture of comedy, theatre, magic and mentalism. I’m hoping it will be like bringing a Hammer Horror movie to life.


R – Let’s talk Knightmare Live! You adopted a more improvisational approach of late than the previous Level 1 and Level 2. shows Did that produce any particularly amusing moments?

P – Knightmare has become so much more random these days. The audience are bringing weirder and weirder items with them, which is brilliant. The best moment from this year has to be watching our newest cast member Clare interact with the players. She brings such a unique, subtle energy to the stage. A great improviser (She’s also in Notflix) she also has a degree in psychology so you never know what to expect but it’s always brilliant.

Knightmare Live at Nine Worlds




R – Is Knightmare Live coming back?

P – Knightmare Live will be back in 2018, we have a few dates already booked; Leicester 17th Feb, Brierly Hill 8th March and the Sci-Fi Weekender in Wales 22nd-25th March

R – Then I shall see you in Pwllheli!


R – Tom Bell (former Lord Fear in Knightmare Live) is doing quite well for himself isn’t he? Are you still friends or has a regular TV slot made you seethe with envy?

P – Tom Bell and I are still very good mates, we hang out a lot and play board games (Twilight Imperium 4 is out!). He’s doing lots of TV and films which means he’s a bit busy for Knightmare most of the time but he did get me a job writing on Bromans, his latest outing on ITV2.

MMORPG Show Logo

R – Talk to me about the MMORPG Show; this seems like something you really love.

P – I love doing the MMORPG Show, it’s such a fun time. Again, my audiences seem to get more and more inventive and the show is so flexible I can decide the genre or story structure minutes before it begins if I like. Edinburgh was an absolute dream and I’m taking it on tour in Feb (Dates will appear on the website




R – How about Am I a Pie? That feels like it could be something bigger (or sold to Radio 4) and we played it with really messed up people at Secret Garden Party.

P – If I have one regret, it’s that I haven’t done a full ‘Am I a pie’ show. I guess we all miss a big trick in life and that just happens to be mine. Who knew a game invented to annoy someone on a long car journey would capture the heart of a nation. Still, there’s a page with all the rules on the website so get stuck in guys.

A slice of French MEat pie to represent Paul Flannery's game Am I a Pie at the MMORPG show




R – Is there anything else coming up you’d like to tell us about?

P – The next thing coming up is Questmas; a festive version of MMORPG. It’s on at the Free Association Comedy Room in Camden on the 8th & 9th of Dec. It’ll be a longer version of the show with an interval (fancy!). Link to tickets here


R – And is there any chance of a cheeky discount for our awesome readers?

P – If you put in the code HOHOHO you guys will get a cheeky discount.


R- Get in! Cheers Paul, I’ll see you around the UK’s geeky events in 2018!


Robin Bates – Not a pie.

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