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EGX Rezzed is the UK’s biggest indie games event, the weird younger brother of EGX (formerly EuroGamer Expo) and took place at London’s Tobacco Dock 13-15 April.

Robin Bates, CfG’s founder (who went to the very first EGX when it was in an old brewery, it snowed, and LittleBIGPlanet and the Prince of Persia reboot were highlights), went among to play some games.

Here are his highlights. Please note he has odd taste and after 5 weeks of travelling the world playing videogames has somewhat gone off of videogames.

With that in mind, bring on the Indies!

Hello! It’s me! Pudding from Channel 42! Robin Bates from Coaching for Geeks! And I went to Rezzed. Here are my picks. And not all of them are inde games. Sorry. We lied.



Which is a GREAT name for a game. This is a ridiculous art creation game where two players compete to recreate classic paintings from Mondrian, Matisse, Van Gogh and more, with minimal art tools and as fast as possible.

Two players, two mice (the computer kind not the rodent kind), one piece of art. Like a faster paced ‘A Fake Artist Goes to New York’, this is silly, competitive and a lot of fun.

Recreate the painting, fast, and beat your opponent’s artistic face into the ground.

It will next be playing at A MAZE so head on over to Berlin and get painting.


It looks like Ghibli. There are no loading screens. This platform adventure is gorgeous and features a land where lost and forgotten things go to – lanterns, socks, scarves – Forgottlings who only want to be remembered.

Anne lives in a tower and the opening scenes see a rebellion of Forgotlings and Anne has the power to drain the energy from these rebel items and cease their existence.

With branching narrative, moral choices, and puzzle platforming, Forgotten Anne is a beautiful thing from Throughline Games and SquareEnix Collective. And it’s out soon! – May 15th 2018 on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.




Evolution Studios were responsible for MotorStorm and DriveClub and were snapped up in 2016 after SONY ditched them.

ONRUSH is essentially 6v6 MotorStorm with vehicle specific powerups and you don’t explode if you boost too hard.

Great soundtrack, it’s not the sexiest looking of games (though I don’t think the screens they were using had been properly setup for a convention room), but it IS intense and moves like a beast.

Motorbikes, trucks, and cars, battling it out down ravines, caves, parks… It’s so MotorStorm it’s almost daft, but keep an eye out for this one published by Codemasters this summer on Steam PS4 and XBOX One.






Oh good! He’s picked another one you can only play at gaming events due to its ridiculous controls (just you wait dear reader, just you wait). Tenya Wanya Teens has a ridiculous controller.

Look, Keita Takahashi, the man behind Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy was involved and it REALLY  shows.

16 buttons of many colours. Press the right colour button to perform the action such as getting naked for a shower, doing a wee, farting on a skunk, studying.



A 2 player battle for the highest score, best described in video from, Oh! from Rezzed 2o13.


Oh Rezzed, how you’ve changed.



It’s a geography lesson! And you control the world! By rotating a yoga ball on rollers!

Rotate the world, find the countries against the clock, battle friction and time itself.

I’ve never been so stressed about not being able to find Chile because the world was the wrong way round WAIT THAT’S RUSSIA, KEEP GOING!

WAIT! The other way!

Wamp wamp, outta time.

Find Japan to Start.




A first puzzle puzzler projected onto a circular piece of Perspex so the game world warps and twists around you in a fisheye style.

It’s a surprisingly simple game with puzzles akin to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – line up glyphs with the world to progress.

The mindbending nature of the display creates a bizaree experience that made my friend Michael want to be sick. I thought it was great.


Stereopolis Trailer from GLKT. on Vimeo.


OK one more proper game.



A game of love, adventure, giraffes, hotdogs, and pet rocks, the Adventure Pals is a quirky co-op platformer from a Bristol based studio.

It’s just fun. And only about £11. Go buy it so they can make more games.




Not a game, just other things that I played and thought were great.

Sunless Skies – the sequel to Sunless Seas has had an overhaul to make those early opening stages much more fun.

Double Kick Heroes – LOVED this. Metal zombie killing rhythm action game.

Steel Rats – Trials meets Unirally meets a Steampunky multicourse action biker game. And they had a ridiculous robot demo pod as well as some proper screens.

The Bitsy Box – a tiny computer in a treasure chest running hundreds of games on the Bitsy engine.

Wobble Garden – Twanging door stoppers has never felt so good.


There we go! There were bigger, brasher, Unreal Engineyer games, but frankly I wanted to play for me. So I did.


Full EGX Rezzed Survival Guide coming soon.


Robin Bates – I swear I do love games, honest. Bring on God of War!

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