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Wizards of Brighton


OK, let’s address the Harry Potter shaped elephant in the room.

Oliver’s Brighton is not associated, nor endorsed or connected with JK Rowling, Warner Brothers or the Harry Potter franchise. All Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products sold are official Warner Brothers licensed products. 

But damn. If you fancy something a bit magical and happen to be in Brighton, UK, something enchanting just opened up.

Any use of words from the Wizarding World is from me because I am a massive Harry Potter geek and think all of this is awesome (spoilers), and it’s really hard to talk about a shop that sells official Harry Potter merchandise without doing so.

Oliver’s Brighton

A small shop on the corner of Trafalgar Street, the proprietor a young bearded man in a velvet wizard’s robe, the staff with their own robes and brooches.

Press the buzzer, and enter through the magically operated door, and before you a wide and wondrous selection of Harry Potter merchandise.


Everything is official, and apart from the shop fittings if you see it, you can buy it. Even the electrical outlets are wooden, such is the level of detail and attention that has gone into Oliver’s Brighton

Authentic Witches?

The team of witches who’ll attend to your needs – it is easy for a muggle to get confused by the wealth of items available after all – were hand picked. Oliver’s rabbit, Luna Leporem, is magical – stroke her nose on the night of a full moon and one wish shall be granted. “What would your wish be and why?” was the only question to be answered by applicants.

Luna Leporem the magical rabbit of Oliver's Brighton, the harry Potter shop, next to an orange carved pumpkin


Letters arrived from around the world, some even delivered by owl…

The four chosen had each created something to represent their wish.


Zara – a story of Neville and the wish to prevent the horrors his parents faced

Chloe – a tale of her first day at Hogwarts and how she wished for a friend

Elaine – a watercolour painting and poem of Luna’s wish on the night of the full moon

Hannah – a handmade papercraft book of her patronus



Each has an in-depth knowledge of Harry Potter lore and were able to identify wands, share stories of their favorite parts of the books, and declared Dolores Umbridge’s wand “an evil little stump!”

These are not just retail workers, there is a real joy and excitement about being a part of Oliver’s Brighton which comes through in spades.


Oliver Himself

The owner of the Harry Potter themed shop in Brighton stands in front of shelves full of wands, much like Olivander's

Oliver’s passion for the shop shines through, he’s an excitable chap, prone to raucous laughter and spontaneity. He bought a rabbit, Luna Leporem, who became the shop’s mascot (sadly yet understandably not present at the launch party – Luna ears and luna butt cupcakes taking her place).

The furniture was chosen specially to  suit, the shop stocked with all manner of Harry Potter merchandise, and even the toilet is hidden behind a secret door in a bookshelf.

Magical champagne which turned purple (as did the tongue) was on offer, a muggle magician to entertain, and a promise of only 12-14 people in the shop at any one time.

This does mean a likelihood of queuing in the opening weeks, and also ensures you get a proper experience instead of a rushed, crowded, browse.

He’ll be joining me on the podcast soon to talk about his idea, dreams, challenges, and opening a thoroughly geeky business very soon.

Magic or Squib?

Oliver’s Brighton is an absolute joy for any Harry Potter fan. The attention to detail, range of products, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, and Oliver himself make it a magical treat to spend money in.

For the out-of-towner, if you’re in Brighton, swing by and check it out. Is it worth a specific trp? That depends how much of a fanatic you are, and there’s plenty to do in Brighton,

Harry isn’t going away, and neither is Oliver.

Oliver’s Brighton located at 42 Trafalgar Street, just a stone’s throw from Brighton train station.

A wizarding emporium selling everything for your magical needs.

Our Grand Opening took place on Saturday 11th November from 12.00.

Come along and meet Oliver Thomas Dall, the proprietor, and his wizard assistants.


A replica of Sirius Black's wand, as palyed by Gary Oldman in the Harry Potter movies, purchased at Oliver's Brighton and brandished at Brighton train station Robin Bates – Totally bought Sirius Black’s wand

Check out the full gallery of pics from the launch party and see the merchandise in closer detail

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